The Ultimate List of Over 100 Virtual Tours Around the World


Are you looking for more exciting things to do while at home? The internet has thousands of ideas for something to do while you are stuck at home and can’t travel, but sometimes it might be hard to find what you are looking for. Good thing that I love researching, so here is a massive collection of over 100 virtual tours around the world for the armchair traveler. This collection is part two of the 25 Best Virtual Tours from Around the World. So, let’s get started. Here is the ultimate list of even more virtual tours around the world for you to enjoy. Have fun exploring the world from your living room!


AquariumsGroup of Piranha

Visiting aquariums in new cities is always fun to do. I find it fascinating to see how each aquarium sets up their exhibits and flow of the building. Some of the aquariums I have visited have been in Genoa, Italy; Seattle, Washington; Camden, New Jersey; and Belle Isle, Michigan. Each one is unique, but if you can’t travel, there are other options to see aquariums. Here are some virtual tours through aquariums around the world.

Botanical GardensSt. Louis Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens are lovely in the springtime and summer. Wandering around the garden paths lined with colorful and fragrant flowers is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. If you can’t travel to a Botanical Garden, you can see all the flower displays online. Here are some Botanical Gardens offering virtual tours of their gardens.

Castles/PalacesBuckingham Palace

Being able to walk down the red-carpeted hallways of a castle or palace is a bucket list item to be sure. I’ve been able to travel and explore some magnificent castles such as Rundāle Palace, Litomyšl Castle, Bratislava Castle, and Penrhyn Castle. If you would like to see some castles and opulent palaces from the comfort of your home, check these out. And make sure to add some or all of these to your future travel bucket list.

CathedralsInside Milan Cathedral

The reasons people visit churches around the world are numerous. People travel to different cathedrals for religious reasons, architecture, history, art, photography, etc. I enjoy seeing various cathedrals and churches and always look to try to find one to visit wherever I am. Some of the ones I have explored are the Duomo in Florence, the Strasbourg Cathedral in France, Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, and Westminster Abbey in London. Have you visited any of these cathedrals on your travels? If you can’t travel around the world to see these cathedrals, you can explore them while sitting on your couch. Here are some cathedrals and churches offering virtual tours inside their amazing buildings.

Cities Around the WorldAmsterdam canal - Virtual tours around the world

Traveling to different cities around the world is exciting and a gift for adventurers and photographers. For those who don’t have the circumstances to be able to travel to a new country or city, you can explore them virtually. All of these cities are offering virtual tours of their city and showcasing the best of what they have to provide travelers with once travel becomes available. How many of these will be added to your future travel bucket list?

Cooking ClassesFlorence Cooking Class

How would you like to have a Cooking Class right in your own home? Many people are offering in-home cooking classes for you to enjoy, especially if you love to cook! Here is a collection of virtual cooking classes for you to sign up for. Bon Appetit, everyone!

  • Italian Cooking Class with an Italian Grandmother – In this 2-hour live streaming experience, you will connect with Nonna Nerina and her granddaughter Chiara as they walk you through a mouth-watering cooking experience of their favorite family recipes in the comfort of your own home! You will get a shopping list a week before the class. Each recipe that you cook will be from their own family going back generations, and they will send you some of their favorite wine pairing suggestions should you be so inclined! You can schedule your Italian Cooking Class with Italian Grandmothers here.
  • Cakeflix – If you wanted to learn how to decorate a cake beyond just adding frosting, check out the free tutorials or sign up for classes taught by cake artists. There are new classes added weekly, and there is an extensive library of over 1100 courses for beginners to advanced bakers to choose from. You can sign up for the free seven-day trial to try them out. Or you can check out the Cakeflix Youtube Channel that has tons of free content.
  • Gorden Ramsey – Gordon Ramsay demonstrates necessary cooking skills as well as some easy to do recipes on his Youtube channel. Including pork chops with sweet and sour peppers, pan-fried scallops to a stuffed roast chicken.

LandmarksTower Bridge in London

There are so many landmarks in the world, and each one is iconic and memorable. When you are starting to create a bucket list, it is landmarks that guide you where you want to go. Each of these fascinating places is a joy to visit, and now you can explore these fabulous landmarks while you are at home.


If you are interested in space, NASA captured some fantastic footage with NASA’s Curiosity Rover. They have put it all together to give you a virtual tour of Mars’s surface. Check it out here.

MountainsThe Dolomite Mountains in Trento, Italy

For those who like hiking in the mountains, here are a few mountains that have had virtual tours created. You can enjoy from home an interactive map of Mount Everest and discover this mountain in 3D. You can explore the Dolomites (Mountain range in Italy) through Google Earth. You can also explore the Great Smoky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains through webcams. It is kind of nice to go virtual hiking through the mountains without having to train for it.

National ParksDelicate Arch - Arches National Park

You can now visit some of the biggest national parks with the help of Google. You can follow park rangers on a journey to the hidden worlds of the National Parks. Come and explore the U.S. National Parks virtually. Some of the cool places are ones that I haven’t been to yet, such as Carlsbad Caverns and Dry Tortugas. Which U.S. National Park is on your list to visit in the future?

Northern Lights

Trees standing against a yellow, green, and purple Northern Lights sky with stars and clouds

Seeing the Northern Lights in person is a memorable event. Although capturing the Northern Lights can be hit or miss depending on the camera equipment you have, weather conditions, and time of year. The best time to see the Northern Lights is between October and March around the fall and spring equinox. Although there have been times when solar flares have happened, and you get a fantastic light show when you least expect it. One of the easiest ways to watch the Northern Lights is in your pajamas at home instead of freezing your butt off outside by the Arctic Circle. If you are planning to photograph the Northern Lights in the future, check out these helpful tips.

ParksStone bridge in Central Park, New York City

One of my favorite pastimes, when I travel, is to seek out the greenery in a new city. I love finding city parks and wander the paths enjoying the flowers and peacefulness of the park. Walking in a city park is a great way to break up the hustle and bustle of a busy city. And now you can experience the beauty of nature in your own home. One of my favorite parks is Central Park in New York City, and they are now offering a virtual tour of the park.

Street ArtLove Wall Street Art in New York City

If you have been following any of the stories of my travels, you would know that I love finding great Street Art around the world. From finding street art in my original home town of Detroit, St. Louis, New York City, Bratislava, and Strasbourg, it is always a treat to see what amazing artists can create around the world. Today you can find street art virtually while sitting at home. You can see spectacular street murals in New York City from your living room. But, my favorite is that Google has created a project where you can explore the stories behind the art in Google’s Art Project – Street Art. You can even see animated art come to life on street murals on this site. Spend an afternoon and appreciate the creativity of these artists. You won’t be disappointed.

UNESCO World Heritage SitesStonehenge

Visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites should be on everyone’s bucket list. They are amazing sites and filled with so much history known and unknown. There are 878 World Heritage Sites, and only 20 of them are in the United States. Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to its history as the birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. If you can’t travel to Italy to knock a bunch of them off your list, you can do some armchair traveling right now. Here are some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites offering virtual tours.


For all you animal lovers, you can take a virtual field trip and watch live cams at zoos around the country. Here are some of the zoos offering virtual tours.


I hope that this massive collection of virtual tours around the world gets you inspired to start planning your future travels and adding to your bucket lists. If you can’t afford to travel to some of these exotic locations, that is what the virtual tours are there for. So, you don’t miss out on seeing everything this world has to offer. Enjoy the virtual tours and let me know if you find any new ones that I should add to the list in the comments below.

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  • Nancy 3May2020 at 9:10 AM Reply

    Wow. Great list. What a gift for people who can’t travel right now or for those who aren’t able to travel even in other times. What an amazing world we live in. Thanks for gathering these all in one place.

    • Heather 3May2020 at 2:21 PM Reply

      You’re so welcome, Nancy! I’m hoping people can find at least one thing in here to occupy their time. And if you ever come across anything else that you think I should add let me know. Enjoy!

  • Heather Markel 1May2020 at 7:09 PM Reply

    Great round up! I’d add Santiago de Compostella to the church list. It’s amazing to see the incense swing!

    • Heather 1May2020 at 7:17 PM Reply

      Thanks for the tip, Heather! I’ll definitely have to add that to the list.

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