The 25 Best Virtual Tours from Around the World

Windsor Castle

Are you looking for ways to travel without leaving your home? If you have a computer, you can connect to the world virtually and travel from the luxury of your couch. Here is a collection of the 25 best virtual tours from around the world. Take a look at one or all of them. Each one will give you a sense of the destination and maybe have you putting this on your future bucket list.

Windsor Castle

The U.S. National ParksDelicate Arch - Arches National Park

The U.S. National Parks are lovely to visit all year round. The beauty in nature, landscape views, and the history of these parks is something everybody should see and explore. You can now visit some of the biggest national parks with the help of Google. Now, you can follow rangers on a journey to the hidden worlds of the National Parks. Come and explore the U.S. National Parks virtually.

Virtual Farm Tours

This is an interesting collection of virtual tours. You can visit working dairy farms and see the animals and life on a farm. These online tours are broken up by age groups. So, for kids 4 to 9 years old can watch a virtual tour of the dairy farm Dutch Hollow Farm. Kids from 10-13 will like the virtual tour from Will-O-Crest Farm. And older kids will enjoy watching the tour from JoBo Holsteins Farm.

Virtual MuseumsVatican Museum

Numerous museums are offering virtual tours of their art collections, and more are being added all the time. Not everyone has the luxury to be able to afford to travel around the world to see these fantastic museums in person. And if you can’t, the next best thing is to view them online. I put together a great list of museums offering virtual tours for you to browse their collections.

Great Wall of China

This is one for my bucket list to explore and walk the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall stretches for over 3000 miles, so walking it would take some time. Another way to experience the Great Wall of China is to take a tour virtually. The Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China gives you some breathtaking views of one of the most visited sections of the wall.

CastlesWindsor Castle

For those who enjoy traveling to see castles, this is a different way to explore them. You can visit castles from all over the world virtually and not have to pay the plane fare to get there. You can explore the Blarney Castle in Ireland,  the Windsor Castle in the U.K., Raglan Castle in Wales, and the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

Cliffs of Moher

I had a good time in Ireland, but this is one spot that I have yet to visit. I’m going to spend some time and check out the Cliffs of Moher virtual tour. Almost as good as the real thing. Almost.

Performing Art CentersColosseum in Rome

Do you love watching musical and theater performances? What about exploring the venues like Palais Garnier in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome? Well, you can explore these and many more performing art centers around the world virtually. Have you visited or watched a performance in any of these?

DisneyDisney Magic Kingdom

Disney has always been one of my happy places, and it is beautiful to see that you can visit virtually now. There are tours of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. You can even view them with Google Street View Tour. How great is it that you can see the parks online without having to pay the high ticket prices.

Virtual Italy ToursVenice - virtual tours

Spending 5 weeks in Italy last summer allowed me to truly enjoy all of its charms, food, and historical sites. For those who haven’t explored Italy or are planning to go in the future, check out Virtual Italy Tours. You can learn about the cities story and famous landmarks. Some of the cities you can pick are Rome, Pisa, Amalfi, Bologna, Florence, Pompeii, Venice, and lots more. I know that exploring these cities virtually is going to make you want to visit Italy in the future for sure!

Virtual Rollercoasters

Riding roller coasters are not for the faint of heart, and I would have to say watching them virtually is also the same. For all you thrillseekers out there, you can take a ride on a bunch of rollercoasters virtually. From the Superman Rollercoaster at Six Flags in Texas and the Incredicoaster in Disney’s California Adventure, you can enjoy riding a rollercoaster as many times as you like.

AquariumsSeattle Aquarium - Seal Swimming

I love going to aquariums and watching the fishies. There are quite a few aquariums that are now offering live cams. This is where you can choose different live cams in an aquarium to watch your favorite fish, otter, seals, whales, or watch the hypnotic movements of the jellyfish. Some of the ones you can watch are from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, National Aquarium, Blue Cavern Aquarium, and the Seattle Aquarium.

ZoosGiant Panda at Smithsonian Zoo

For those who love to see the animals at the zoo and in their habitats, you can check out a few zoos online. You can take a virtual field trip and watch live cams at the San Diego Zoo, Dublin Zoo, Reid Park Zoo, and the Houston Zoo. You can even watch the giant pandas at the Smithsonian Zoo or the Atlanta Zoo.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a fantastic place to visit in India. If you are on Instagram, you will see people waking up early in the morning to get a picture of themselves in front of the Taj Mahal without crowds. For those who don’t travel around the world can visit the Taj Mahal virtually and won’t have to worry about crowds.

Eiffel TowerParis - Eiffel Tower

One of my favorite memories of visiting Paris is going up the tour at night and looking down on the streets of Paris. You can now do this without ever stepping foot into Paris. With Google Arts and Culture, you can view Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower virtually.

Sydney Opera House

I meet a lot of travelers and the ones from Australia mention to me that I need to travel there. My youngest sister went to Australia on a student exchange program and loved it. Someday I’ll get there, but in the meantime, you can check out the Sydney Opera House virtually.

The U.S. State Parks, Trails, Water Trails

Many U.S. states have virtual tours on their website. They show the parks and trails virtually, so you can enjoy viewing nature from the comfort of your home, especially on a rainy day. Here a couple for you to check out for the states of Minnesota, Missouri, and New York.

Mackinac Island 

Have you ever visited the beauty of Mackinac Island in the summertime? It is a magical place where there are no cars. Instead, some horses & buggies take people around the town. You can ride bicycles around the island to see Arch Rock and many other neat places to discover. But, if you can’t make it to the island, you can always take a virtual tour of Mackinac Island.

Civil War BattlefieldsGettysburg Military National Park

One of my bucket list items is to tour the Civil War Battlefields in the U.S., And I was pleasantly surprised to find this website that offers you the ability to jump from battlefield to battlefield using their virtual tours. You can tour the battlefields to see historical details and highlights from Gettysburg, Antietam, and Fredericksburg, and more.

CathedralsSt Peters Basilica in Vatican City - Virtual tours

Visiting cathedrals while in Europe is one of my favorite explorations. I have visited so many cathedrals, churches, and temples I will be writing for months on all of them. If you are like me and enjoy seeing inside old churches and cathedrals, you can view some of these virtually. You can visit Westminster Abbey, Canterbury Cathedral, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, and Notre-Dame in Paris.

PalacesHolyrood Palace

Exploring palaces in Europe is something to put on your bucket list. You walk into them and can’t help being impressed because they are so grand with the furnishings and artwork. If you haven’t visited any of them, this is your chance to explore the palaces virtually. Palaces you can explore are Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Iolani Palace, Versailles Palace, and the Schleißheim Palace Complex.

St. Petersburg

Have you ever been curious to visit Russia to see the cultural and historical sites? You can visit St. Petersburg in Russia virtually. You will be able to tour the palaces, monuments, and bridges virtually. What a neat way to see a part of Russia.

Virtual SafariZebra butts in Tarangire Tanzania

One of my favorite vacations has been going on a safari in Tanzania. Seeing the giraffes, elephants, lions, wildebeests, and cheetahs up close is life-changing for a lot of people. Wild Earth offers kids (4-18 yrs old) a way to experience a safari ride. This interactive virtual safari lets the kids see the animals from the back of a safari vehicle going through the wilds of Africa.

Galapagos Islands

Not many people have visited the remote Galapagos Islands. But, with the help of Google 360 Street View, you can experience the magnificent animals on these islands virtually. You will be able to see the tortoise breeding area and beautiful coastal areas on the Galapagos Islands virtual tour.

WaterfallsNiagara Falls

For those who know me, know that I love chasing waterfalls. I try to find and photograph waterfalls wherever I can find them. The great thing is now; you don’t have to hike in the middle of nowhere to see the falls. Now, you have the option to see the rush of water over the falls virtually. You can see the majestic Victoria Falls, the mighty Niagara Falls, the beautiful copper water of Tahquamenon Falls in Upper Michigan, the massiveness of Iguazu Falls, and the thundering waterfalls of Iceland.


The seventh continent is one that few people can explore. I have a few friends that have gone on tours to Antarctica, and they have come back with amazing photos. The rest of us have to stay home and be jealous, but no longer. You can now take an Antarctica virtual tour and explore it without being all bundled up.


I hope that this grouping of virtual tours gets you inspired to start planning your future travels. And if you can’t afford to travel to some of these exotic locations, that is what the virtual tours are there for. So, you don’t miss out on seeing everything this world has to offer. Enjoy the virtual tours and let me know if you find any new ones that I should add to the list in the comments below.

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    Gretat wall of China, I always want to go there. hope I can visit soon

  • Jenn 24November2021 at 2:08 AM Reply

    This is so dope! I’ve been looking for virtual tours as I have a chronic illness that makes travel tough, especially with the pandemic. This is the most comprehensive list I’ve seen. Thank you for putting this together!

    • Heather 24November2021 at 8:35 AM Reply

      You are so welcome! I hope you enjoy it!

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    […] There are a ton of museums, castles, and other monuments and amazing places that have virtual tours available for free right now. My friend Heather from Raulerson Girls Travel put together an amazing list of the 25 best virtual tours around the world. […]

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    Wow, you have worked hard! Thanks for these great ideas how to see the world from comfort and safety of my own home, now that my longest trip here in Rome is for the nearest grocery store. Stay safe!

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      Thank you, Heli for the kind words! Yeah, I’ve been working hard to find something for everybody to do while being stuck at home and missing travel.

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