Take a ride up the Trento Cable Car to Sardagna

Panoramic view of Trento from Sardagna

Are you afraid of heights? Where can you get incredible aerial views of Trento? One of the exciting activities you can do in Trento is to take a ride up the Trento Cable Car to Sardagna. The view from the top of Mount Bodone is breathtaking and worth the cable car trip to Sardagna. 

Panoramic view of Trento from Sardagna

How to Get to the Trento Cable CarFunivia Trento Sardagna

You can find the Trento cable car station by the Ponte Lorenzo bridge right past the train station. It costs 3€ for one way and 5€ for the roundtrip. If you have the Trentino Guest Card, the ride up and down is free. The car is a little small,  fits about 12 people standing up. If you are the least bit claustrophobic, you might want to wait for crowds to thin. So, you are not cramped in the car. The ride is quick and very scenic so, if you can stand by a window, you can get great views of the car moving up and down. The cableway was constructed during 1922-1925 and actually suffered damage during the bombardment in World War II. It started back up in 1958 and is basically the same today except for modern updates.

Funivia Trento SardagnaView from the Trento Cable Car at the station

The 400m ride up to Mount Bodone is quick but exciting. First, you go over the quick-moving Adige River. Then the cable car ramps up the mountain with views of Trento and the surrounding area. The ride down is just as lovely. Try to get in the car first so that you can stand right by the window facing down for the best views. View up the side of Mount Bodone from the Trento Cable Car

Aerial Views of TrentoView of Trento from Sardagna - Trento Cable Car

When you exit the cable car, you have to walk around an office building on the left. The natural inclination is to stay to the left and start taking photos the minute you see an opening. DON’T! That view is compromised with trees and the building. If you walk a bit further, there is a platform that extends out of the mountain to give you free and clear photos of Trento. If you have a good zoom lens, you can capture the city center and Buonconsiglio Castle. View of Trento from the southClose-up of the Trento City CenterAerial View of Buonconsiglio Castle from Mount Bodone

SardagnaMap of Sardagna

Sardagna is on top of Mount Bodone. Besides the views of Trento, there are numerous hiking trails with varying lengths for you to choose from even one that will take to the Cesare Battisti Mausoleum. Sardagna is a great town to visit. Spend some time and browse the shops, take in the beautiful churches, and walk around the vineyards. Vineyards in Sardagna

Trento AltaTrento Alta in Sardagna

I was about to head back down to Trento when I ran into a friend that was hanging out at the cafe on the top of Mount Bodone. Trento Alta is a great place to stop and take in the scenery and have a drink or two. I ended up staying up there for a few hours enjoying the sunshine talking to friends. The neat thing about this cafe/restaurant is that whenever you ordered a drink, they would bring out snacks. We had about 5 or 6 different snacks throughout the afternoon we were there. Great customer service!Snacks and Drinks at Trento Alta in Sardagna

Sunset on SardagnaView of Trento from Sardagna at sunset - Trento Cable Car

I came up the Trento Cable Car for a second time that same day. The person I was with only wanted to get photos/videos of the sunset, so back I came. Don’t get me wrong the sunset was beautiful, but the earlier photos during the afternoon were lovely too, and it was warmer then.

SummaryAerial view of Trento

If you are looking for an adventure, you can find one in Sardagna with shops, churches, cafes, and tons of hiking trails. Plus, a ride up and down the Trento Cable Car is a fun activity to do when you are in Trento. And you will definitely enjoy spending the afternoon on the top of Mount Bodone, either relaxing at the cafe or taking photos of Trento. Come and take a ride on the Trento Cable Car and see for yourself. There are a lot more hidden gems in Italy if you are willing to take a look.

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