Hi! I’m Heather Raulerson

I’m a Solo Adventure Traveler exploring the world, one beautiful destination at a time. I was a full-time engineer working a traditional 9-5 job for 24 years but left it all behind to travel full time. Join me as I share the stories of my transition into becoming a digital nomad, freelance travel writer and photographer with all its trials and its accomplishments. I will show you that it is never too late to pursue your dream!


Many years ago, I started taking my niece on vacation with me when she turned 5.  Kayla and I at the Grand Canyon - RaulersongirlstravelShe lived out-of-state, and that is the age they can fly by themselves.  We went to a different state each year to experience something new.  I wanted to get her traveling young, so she wouldn’t find traveling intimidating. She would never doubt her ability to navigate her way through the world.  As she got older and got focused on other things, I switched it up and took my other nieces and nephews on my vacations with me, and continue to do so today.  

Madison and me in Chicago


Alex in Frankenmuth


Madison and Kayla on the Shipwreck Boat Tour in Alpena Michigan

Madison & Kayla

My goal is for them to enjoy going on vacations regularly as my parents took my sisters and me when we were young. I’m so excited that my niece Kayla has been bitten by the travel bug and does it while volunteering. I’m so proud of her. Make sure to check out her posts about her travels and giving back.

Most of my previous Aunt Travels have been domestic, but as I gear up for my digital nomad lifestyle, I am working on taking my nieces and nephews overseas. We are planning bigger trips — something for them to look forward to and design their dream vacation. 


  • mac 14May2021 at 12:02 AM Reply

    would enjoy to see some of your photos and perhaps contract to use with credits. in my youth I did iron butt rides – Nogales to Anchorage, and Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and most recently before the covid flu thing, Hong Kong.

  • SANDRA PIECZYNSKI 22May2019 at 7:30 AM Reply

    I am so envious!

  • betty ward 15January2019 at 9:02 AM Reply

    Although I will not be on a motorcycle touring the US I would like to travel with you at least once
    to enjoy one of your adventures! Waiting for the invite 🙂
    Love, Aunt Betty (Betty Raulerson Ward)

    • Heather 15January2019 at 5:33 PM Reply

      There is an open invitation to all my friends and family! Just tell me when and where!

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