Montezuma Castle – “It’s not a castle and Montezuma was never here.”

This national monument was fantastic to see.  It only takes an hour and a half from Phoenix to get to this site, and if you are in Arizona, you should take a trip out to see Montezuma Castle.

This stone dwelling is set into a limestone Montezuma's Castlecliff high above Beaver Creek in the Verde Valley of Arizona.  It is one of the best-preserved cliff ruins in North America and one of the first national monuments. The five-story, twenty room cliff dwelling served as a “high-rise apartment building” for prehistoric Sinagua Indians ( the tribal name means “without water”) over 600 years ago. Which was fitting because, in the dry season, Beaver Creek was dry as a bone.

When this national monument opened up, you could actually climb up ladders and actually explore inside the dwelling.  Over the years the damage to the structure stopped all that and now you can walk along the paths and view the monument from the ground looking up.  It is still an impressive sight to see.

Can you imagine who was the person that thought it would be a smart idea to build into the side of a cliff?  That someone saw this and said I want to live here!

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