Experience Put-in-Bay Spring Fling

Put-In-Bay Spring FlingI was invited to go to Put-In-Bay Spring Fling with a friend.  I had no idea what to expect once I got there but, I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, I mbiparkingwas aware that this was quite the party island and that this was the kickoff for the entire summer.  What I wasn’t aware of was how photogenic this island was!

It was less than a 2.5 hours drive from Detroit.  We got there early enough to park at the free parking lot for Miller’s Ferry and rode over to Put-in-Bay.  It was a beautiful day which allowed great viewing of Lake Erie as we crossed to the island.

We were staying at the Island Club which happens to be Put-in-Bay Spring Fling party central.  UPDATE (2019): the official Put-in-Bay Spring Fling is at the Put-in-Bay Resort. Put-in-Bay Spring Fling is a big block party that usually attracts over 1700 people for 2 days of free adult beverages, and a Saturday full of free food and awesome live entertainment! The party is for guests of the Island Club, Bay Lodging Resort, and Put-in-Bay Condos only and reservations for this weekend fill up fast.  Our house also was the red cup house and we had the Miller Lite truck camped in front of our porch.  Let’s just say that we had lots of fun!

For all the other summer weekends there are plenty of activities to do here at Put-in-Bay. Check out http://www.putinbay.com/islandguide.htm for a downloadable island guide that shows every attraction.  Oh, and of course there are plenty of places to partake in adult beverages.  This island is the perfect party get-away for college kids, bachelor and bachelorette parties.  Once the sun sets the main street comes alive with music, dancing, and lots and lots of people.

If you get tired of the crowds, this island has some nice quiet areas if you like to explore.  The marina has a nice memorial for the Battle of Lake Erie.  Plus, you are right at the Jet Express drop off and you never know what you will see come off the boats or on them!

If you really like the off beaten path take a look to the left at the Miller Ferry stop.  I wandered down to the water and found a spectacular photo opportunity.  I am always at peace around water so, it was no surprise that I found myself taking a break and walking to South Bass Island State Park.

Put-In-Bay Spring Fling

The State Park was very peaceful.  I shared some quality time with the geese and the seagulls!

Another place I found was Crown Hill Cemetery.  There were so many beautiful old gravestones that represented lives long past that lived here on the island.  One, in particular, was amazing because it looked like a tree but, it was actually a work of art.

Here are some of my other photos I found on my exploration of the island…

All in all this island weekend was exactly what I needed.  It was a great escape from the 9-5 work week!  If this sounds like a good time you should come and check out this little island that packs a big punch of fun!

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