Waiting for this winter to end…

Winters are and always have been cold and snowy.  As the majority of the country is gripped with this frigid, snowy winter saying that this is the coldest winter with the most snow. I wanted to share a flashback to simpler times – Omaha, Nebraska 1974…


Piles of snow taller than me and yes that is me in the red jacket.  Bundled up from head to toe just like my Mom.

I wanted to help my parents shovel the snow so; I started with a broom and when that didn’t work tried to pick up the shovel that was also taller than me.  I wasn’t much help!

little girl shoveling snow in winter

Momma’s helper!  And yes I know I’m trying to shovel in the garage.

Remember as you bemoan that this winter will never end, try to find and enjoy the simpler things like shoveling the driveway with your kid, making snowmen, or even making snow angels.  Each winter always seems like the worse but, is it truly the worse?  You could be missing out on those special moments and when you look back at them say “How could you let me wear that?”

What are some of your special winter moments with your family?

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