Stepping out in Style at Mansions on the Fifth

My cousin recently had her wedding events held at Mansions on the Fifth in Pittsburgh, and it was like stepping into a bygone era. The whole place was decked out like the Roaring 20’s.

musicians The wait staff were wearing flapper outfits, and they had a 3-piece band playing. The nice touch was that they had little placards placed around the mansion with a bit of the McCook Mansion history on them. Did you know that this estate was bought for $29,000 back 1940?! After a fire in 2004, it was renovated and restored to look like the original building.

The little details are fantastic and photo worthy. All the wood details throughout the mansion are hand carved. The ceiling in the dining room is masterful. The bar room is beautiful and cozy to meet up with family for some cocktails. The 2nd floor has a small chapel with exquisite stained glass windows. Although the restrooms are a hike to get to in the basement, it is fun exploring this place.

Heather and KaylaI didn’t get a chance to stay at the hotel Mansions on Fifth but, most of my family did. I kind of wish we would have done that, too. It would have been really convenient to be able to walk right upstairs when we were tired from partying in our fancy clothes.

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