How did I do on my 2020 goals?

Heather wearing a mask on the Amtrak train

As this crazy year is winding down quickly, and thank god for that, I’m reflecting on my goals that I had for myself this year. Did I actually accomplish what I set out to do even with COVID creating havoc on all of my travel plans for the year? I think I did alright in meeting them. Here is how I did on my 2020 goals.

Heather wearing a mask on the Amtrak train
  1. Stop and appreciate the life that I am leading at the moment – I consider this goal complete but is a goal ever really done. This is one that I know that I will continue to try and do every day going forward. I even wrote about enjoying all of life’s little moments. And yes, I still am glad that I chose this path now more than ever.
  2. Meet the 30-day challenge Goal complete! January was a mega writing month and I still can’t believe I made this and kept my sanity. Will I do it again. Probably not to that extent.
  3. Take a road trip – This is a definite goal complete! I took several day trips exploring Southern Illinois and even drove up to Michigan a couple of times.
  4. Visit one new National Park or Monument – Goal Complete! When I was in Arizona I happened to visit the Coronado National Memorial. Checkmark for me!
  5. Explore more of my heritage – I wasn’t able to travel to Europe this year to dig into this. But what I was able to do was to explore another part of my heritage. I am part Cherokee Native Indian on my Grandfather’s side. My aunt and I visited Cherokee, North Carolina and I was able to visit the Museum of the Cherokee Indian and spend time immersed in my heritage. I need to do more research on this in the future, but my goal is complete!
  6. Leave a destination better than I found it – I will have to forward this the next year due to COVID. Goal not complete.
  7. Hike a trail that challenges me – I didn’t do too much hiking this year. Spent most of the year sitting and writing. However, I did hike the Coronado Peak Trail in Arizona which had some breathtaking views of the Arizona desert and border to Mexico. Goal partially met.
  8. Go somewhere with my mom or sisters – Did not do much travel with anyone this year. Goal not met and moved to next year.
  9. Visit five new countries – Goal definitely not met this year for obvious reasons.
  10. Become a published freelance writer – Yay! Goal met! I am so excited to have been published in, TravelPost Monthly, NewsBreak, WeekendNotes, and Travel World International Magazine.
  11. Work on Writing my Book – Goal not met. Moving goal to next year.
  12. Wake up to watch a sunrise someplace new – Goal Complete! Arizona has some amazing sunrises and even more stunning sunsets! I couldn’t help but be up early when I worked as a horse ranch hand this year for a few months.
  13. Cross off two items from my bucket list – Goal not met! Moving to next year.
  14. Attend two new travel conferences – Goal Complete! I went to the NY Travel Show in January and the Travel and Adventure Show in Chicago in February.
  15. Read a book a month – Not even close. I think I read a book or two. So need to do better next year. Goal not complete!
  16. Have RaulersonGirlsTravel blog be self-sustainable and make a profit – This goal was tough this year to meet. As everything travel tanked including my website’s traffic. I lost over 50% of my traffic in March. Although it is slowly creeping back up I was able to add ads to my site. Hopefully, you don’t find them too distracting. These ads help me get paid at no cost to you guys along with the affiliate links that I have added. Next year will certainly be better! Goal not met and moving to next year.
  17. Travel with my niece and nephew to a new destination – Goal not met as nobody traveled this year. I was able to spend more time with them, so I consider this a goal partially met.
  18. Reconnect with lost friends and broken relationships – I’m considering this a goal met this year. Surprisingly, I have been able to spend more time working on my friendships that I have let lapse over the past couple of years. And I have to say that I”m really happy to have done this!
  19. Let go of what is holding me back from living my life to the fullest – Goal Complete! I have to say that this year of solitude and reflection has made me stronger. I can say with all certainty that what is in the past will stay there (except for a possible book). I’m in a better place and much happier and enjoying my life and those in it!
  20. Inspire others to get out and travel and see the world – The only way I know this is if you respond in comments or send me emails. I have received quite a few this year, so I’m considering this goal complete! Keep those comments coming and let me know if I can help you out with any future travel ideas or itineraries. And for those who need more inspiration check out these virtual tours.

If you have been keeping track I’m at 11 goals complete with two partially complete. Not bad for a crazy no travel year. How did you do with your 2020 goals? Now to start figuring out what to do for 2021.

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