Enjoying a Lobster Dinner at Fosters Clambake

Fosters Clambake

“OMG, It’s staring at me!” my mom squealed as they placed the plate in front of her. Her reaction to eating lobster for the first time was the absolute hilarious highlight of our New England adventure. I’m an avid traveler, so I’m used to trying new and different foods. My mom hardly ever travels, so this was a big deal for her to eat lobster. Here is everything you need to know about Foster’s Clambake to enjoy your own Maine lobster dinner.

Fosters Clambake
The place setting for Fosters Clambake

History of the Clambake

Moving the food around to be steamed at Fosters Clambake

The idea of a clambake has been around before America was founded. Native Americans in New England cooked lobsters and clams in sandpits over seaweed, which took hours. Over the years, New Englanders have adopted this process as the ‘Maine way’ to cook lobster, but made it faster. The traditional clambake process starts with a driftwood fire below a grate where the food rests. Between the food and fire are rocks with seaweed laid over them. As the rocks heat the seaweed, the lobster, corn on the cob, potatoes, and onions are steamed. Steaming the lobster allows the meat to be more tender and gives it a little more flavor.

Close-up of Maine Lobsters, Corn on the Cob, and Bags of Potatoes

Clambake Experience

Maine Lobster being steamed

Eating lobster while in Maine is a must-have experience when visiting. And Foster’s Clambake is the venue to enjoy an authentic New England clambake. My mom and I had the wonderful opportunity to eat here as our farewell dinner with Country Heritage Tours. We arrived before the meal to watch the full process of steaming the lobsters. The workers at Foster’s Clambake were extremely patient with me. I kept asking question after question about what they were doing while they moved the lobsters around as they cooked. Plus, the guys loved playing up to the camera.

The characters working at Fosters Clambake

Traditional Clambake Menu

Lobster Dinner at Fosters Clambake

I had already started to dig into my lobster when I heard my mom’s outburst. She kept saying, “I can’t touch it; it is staring at me.” I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t even help her crack open her lobster. Our tour guide had to step in and help show her how to open and eat the lobster. For those who are asking, she did eat it. Although she is not a fan of a lot of seafood still to this day, I do think she enjoyed the meal.

The full traditional Foster’s Clambake menu consists of:

  • New England Clam Chowder – filled with tender clams, sweet onions, and chunks of potato
  • Freshly Dug Maine Clams
  • Cultivated Mussels – this was the first time for me trying these
  • Succulent Maine Lobster – caught in the icy-cold waters of the Atlantic by local fishermen
  • Sweet Corn on the Cob – harvested locally
  • Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes & Onions
  • Rolls & Butter with Hot Drawn Butter
  • Blueberry Crumb Cake – Foster’s special recipe

Foster’s Clambake Information

Maine Lobsters, Corn, and Potatoes being steamed

Foster’s Clambake puts on an unforgettable experience of eating Maine lobster with friends at an authentic New England Clambake. The smell of seafood cooking outdoors, the laughter inside, and the relaxing aftermath lounging by a fire pit makes one incredible evening. Public clambakes are scheduled from May to October. You can check Foster’s website for future availability. Foster’s Clambake is at 5 Axholme Road, in York, Maine. If you are in Maine during the summer, you have to add this to your must-do list.

Steaming Lobsters at Fosters Clambake


Mom and Heather waiting for dinner at Fosters Clambake

Going to a traditional New England Clambake is a bucket-list item that should be on everyone’s list. The experience of watching the food cook, and if you are lucky, come with someone that hasn’t ever eaten a lobster before can make a marvelous night out when visiting Maine. Eating lobster in Maine with my mom is right up at the top of my list of favorite travel memories. Have you been to an authentic New England Clambake?

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