Pickity Place – Where Little Red Riding Hood Illustrations Originated

Pickity Place Little Red Cottage

Pickity Place is a charming red cottage that caught the eye of Elizabeth Orton Jones to become the inspiration for the illustrations of the Little Red Riding Hood books. Located in southern New Hampshire since 1786, Pickity Place is a fabulous spot to visit. On the grounds, there is a restaurant, gift shop, and numerous themed gardens for you to wander through. I was able to spend a short time at Pickity Place with my mom enjoying a great lunch and immersing myself in the gardens. So much so, we almost missed our bus to leave trying to get the last perfect shot of the front of the cottage and the massive white ash tree.

Pickity Place Little Red Cottage

Pickity Place Gift Shop


Dining at Pickity Place

The Pickity Place restaurant serves a 5-course lunch with fresh herbal cuisine that comes from their herbs and edible flowers. Lunch is served seven days a week from 10 am-5 pm except during January through March when it is 10 am-4 pm. It is recommended to have reservations since seating is limited and there are three private seatings at 11:30 am, 12:45 pm, and 2 pm. Cost for the meal is $23.95. The menu changes monthly, and you can choose between two entrees. My lunch consisted of Bruschetta, End of Summer Harvest soup, Classic Caesar salad, a Multi-Grain Baguette, Fig Stuffed Pork with Applewood and Brandy Glaze, side of Daily Best vegetables, and a Peanut Butter Lava Cake for dessert.


Themed Gardens

Mom at Pickity PlaceAfter stuffing yourself with all that delicious food, take some time to wander the grounds. There are several themed gardens such as butterfly, silver, oregano, bird, healing, and moonlight to get lost. You can even explore the kitchen garden. Pickity Place wants you to experience the full extent of their gardens. It’s ok, go ahead and touch the herbs and flowers. Just be careful of the bees, they are everywhere! I enjoyed walking through the gardens with my mom. I was able to capture a couple of beautiful photos of her with the flowers in the background.

The gardens are beautifully organized to enable you to capture some great shots of colorful flowers and wooden birdhouses. I could have easily spent hours here taking photos, but since we were with a tour group, my time was limited. But, I did make the most of that time.

Drying Shed
Herbs in Drying Shed

Pickity Place herb garden

The gift shop has all the traditional country souvenirs you might want, including soaps, kitchen wares, and plenty of herbs for you to take home. But, the highlight of the gift shop is the small room off the side. This is where you will find the big bad wolf masquerading as Grandma. It gets crowded in the room so, take your picture fast so, the rest of your group can as well.

Grandma's House at Pickity PlaceBig Bad Wolf in Grandma's BedroomVisiting Pickity Place should definitely be on your list especially if you are touring the area in the fall. Then again I’m sure that Pickity Place is beautiful all year round! Have you been here before? Pickity Place Pinterest pin

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