My Favorite Food and Drink of Ireland You Must Try

Salvadors - My Favorite Food and Drink In Ireland You Must Try

As most of you know that I’m not considered a foodie. But, I’m always willing to try new things when I’m traveling. While I was in Ireland I was able to try a multitude of delectable food and drinks. These are my favorite food and drink of Ireland you must try when you visit.

Salvadors - My Favorite Food and Drink In Ireland You Must Try


Salvadors - My Favorite Food and Drink In Ireland You Must TryBeef Irish Stew cooked in Guinness at Salvadors Killarney IrelandMy first traditional Irish meal happened on my first night in Killarney at Salvadors. I was a little chilled from walking around the town and starving from traveling from Dublin earlier that day. Salvadors looked very friendly and had a huge selection of food. I ended up ordering Beef Irish stew cooked in Guinness that was served over mashed potatoes. This definitely hit the spot! A must have when you are in Ireland.

Full Irish Breakfast

Full Irish Breakfast at the Castle Lodge KillarneyThis was a similar breakfast offering to what I had in England on my past trips. The difference is the addition of Black and White Pudding. I enjoyed this great breakfast at the Castle Lodge in Killarney where I was staying.

Lunch at Sheen Falls Lodge

Finger Sandwich choices at Sheen Falls LodgeDessert choices at Sheen Falls LodgeThis scrumptious spread is compliments of Sheen Falls Lodge, where we dined in the Sun Lounge for the three-tier Afternoon Tea. I adored trying the finger sandwiches but, the dessert choices were top notch. Surprisingly with the little sandwiches and the petite desserts I was full by the end of lunch. If you are lucky enough to stay at Sheen Falls Lodge definitely try their food!

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips at The Porterhouse - My favorite food and drink in Ireland you must tryThe Porterhouse restaurant - My favorite food and drink in Ireland you must tryI tried the local fish and chips at two places in Ireland and they were both spectacular. First is at The Porterhouse in Killarney. This is a fabulous restaurant that you could eat at almost every night and not get bored. I had dinner there one night with friends and we all enjoyed our meals thoroughly but, the kicker was that the live music didn’t just include the guitar player. The whole restaurant sang the songs with him. One of the patrons singing had operatic training and was amazing. There are no words for how wonderful that night was.

The second place I ordered the fish and chips was in Dingle at the Dingle Bay Hotel. We stopped here for lunch and quick shopping after our drive through Slea Head. I was even granted the bonus of mushy peas. I got used to these after my time in England and Scotland. This is a great restaurant and pub to stop in for a bite especially if it happens to be raining which it was. Fish and Chips at Dingle Bay Hotel
Paudie's Bar in the Dingle Bay Hotel


Lunch at The Gleneagle

Pan Seared Rib Eye Steak lunch at The Gleneagle TBEX IrelandThe Gleneagle is the venue for the TBEX conference I attended in Killarney. The lunches they provided for us were amazing. The first day consisted of Pan Seared Rib Eye Steak with Gratin Potato, Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms, and Herbs with a Jameson Whiskey Sauce. And each lunch always came with a Selection of Seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes. For dessert, we had a Mini Strawberry Mille Feuille with Raspberry and Basil Ice Cream. I am always amazed at what kind of pairings chefs can put together in ice cream and that it still tastes delicious!Mini Strawberry Mille Feuille with Raspberry and Basil Ice Cream dessert at The Gleneagle TBEX IrelandPan Seared Sea Bass lunch at The Gleneagle TBEX IrelandThe second day I chose the Pan Seared Sea Bass On Sauteed Shaved Fennel and Baby Potatoes with Saffron Cream Sauce. Don’t forget the Selection of Seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes. For dessert, we were given Chocolate and Mint Slice accompanied with Vanilla Mint Ice Cream. Yum!Chocolate and Mint Slice accompanied with vanilla mint ice cream

Irish Vendors

I was able to try many different Irish vendors at the TBEX Opening Night Party at the Killarney Racecourse. Some of my favorites included Ballymaloe, who makes amazing relish; Cronins Quality Cider, and Tom Crean’s Expedition Ale. Tom Crean, a true Irish hero, is the only man to complete three expeditions to the Antartic. After his adventures, he returned to Ireland to run a public house, the South Pole Inn. until his death in 1938 (the South Pole Inn is still in operation today). The Expedition Ale is one of the finest Irish red ale I’ve tried. Ballymaloe RelishCronins hard ciderTom Crean's Expedition Ale

Killarney Brewing Company

Killarney Brewing CompanyHard Cider at Killarney Brewing CompanyI stopped at Killarney Brewing Company for a quick bite and drink before heading out for an evening. This establishment happens to be a short walk from downtown Killarney and a great place to start your night. I ordered a wonderful and too big of a pizza for just me and a drink. The interesting part of this place is the brewing operation is all out in the open. You can watch them work while you drink. Killarney Brewing Company also offers tours through their brewing operation if you are interested to learn more.

The Shire

The Shire - My Favorite food and drink of Ireland you must tryTo top off the amazing food and drink I had in Ireland, I had to visit The Shire. This pub is completely decorated for the Lord of the Rings fans. Also, the decorations aren’t the only Lord of the Rings themed items in the place. There is the Shire flavored beers: Frodo’s Lager, Bilbo’s Beer, and Gandalf’s Ale along with the infamous Hobbit Juice. They also make excellent gourmet burgers. If you want to visit Mordor or Middle Earth or just plain want to enjoy a good burger and a pint, stop at The Shire. You never know who you might see there.

John M. Reidy’s

Wild Atlantic Way Wrap Party at John M. Reidy's TBEX Ireland

We had our last TBEX party at John M. Reidy’s in Killarney. The Wild Atlantic Way Wrap Party was a great sendoff for a fantastic week exploring everything Ireland and Killarney has to offer visitors. John M. Reidy’s is a very interesting pub. The more you walk further back into the building the more history and off-chutes of more rooms can be found filled with people enjoying their pints and listening to live Irish music. The facade of the pub is very misleading. This building is huge and a must on your list of places to stop in and have a pint when you are in Killarney.

I hoped you enjoyed reading about my food and drink choices throughout Ireland. If you have any suggestions for my next trip to Ireland I would love to hear them. If you want to save My Favorite Food and Drink of Ireland You Must Try for your future travels, you can pin it and save it for later.

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