Exploring the Ogunquit Marginal Way

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on the Marginal Way

My first time visiting Maine was on a fall tour of New England with my mom. Our last stop on the tour was in Ogunquit right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean next to the Marginal Way. This place was my favorite destination of the whole trip and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Ogunquit Marginal Way every day we spent there. I couldn’t stay away from this paved windy pathway along the Atlantic Ocean. Walking along the rocky coastline, my camera couldn’t stop taking photos of the ocean waves crashing into the rocky coastline, watching the sailboats and surfers in the ocean, and climbing down cliffs to rocky pools of water to capture the sunset and sunrise. If you get a chance to come to Maine, you have to stop in Ogunquit and explore the Marginal Way.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on the Marginal Way
Heather and Loraine on the Ogunquit Marginal Way

Marginal Way Footpath Information

The Rocky Coastline of the Marginal Way

The 1.25-mile footpath starts near Ogunquit’s three-mile stretch of sandy beach and dunes and ends at Perkins Cove. Along the footpath, you’ll find 39 benches located at pristine viewing spots along the path for you to search for peace, sit quietly and watch the water ebb and flow from the rocks, and see panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, along the pathway, you go right past the Marginal Way Lighthouse, and there are informational signs that explain how the rocks on the Marginal Way were formed.

Heather on the Marginal Way

My mom and I walked down the path to get some lunch. She was wanting to try a Lobster Roll, so we were on the hunt for a good seafood place. Not hard to find in Maine! The path wasn’t too taxing for her as it is fairly even throughout, but she was getting frustrated with me as I kept stopping to take photos and she was hangry!

Water crashing on the rocks along the Marginal Way

Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach

I didn’t get a chance to go to the beach, but even with the fall weather, I could see that this sandy beach was busy with swimmers, bathers, and even a few die-hard surfers. I’m not surprised though as Ogunquit Beach is the only white sandy beach around that I saw.

Surfer Riding the Waves in the Atlantic Ocean

Marginal Way Lighthouse

Marginal Way Lighthouse

This small cute white lighthouse with blue trim is right on the Marginal Way. It’s too bad that it isn’t operational. However, there is a slot in the door for you to donate for the Marginal Way’s upkeep. And it still makes for a pretty picture at sunset!

Atlantic Ocean

View of the Atlantic Ocean on the Ogunquit Marginal Way

If you have been following me on my travels, I tend to find myself by some water more often than not. And I couldn’t help myself from walking out along the Marginal Way whenever I could to take pictures of the water splay over the rocks. I found my Zen here. I would sit on a rock and click away or sit quietly and think about what I wanted in my life. The peace I found here made a huge impact on me that I still carry to this day, and I have to say it improved my photography by leaps and bounds!

Oarweed Cove & The Basin

Oarweed Cove in Ogunquit

Oarweed Cove is the first cove we came across walking toward the end of the Marginal Way. There were a couple of benches to rest for a spell and watch the sailboats and boats come in from the ocean. At the end of the path, or what we thought was the end, dumped us out on a busy street directly across from a place to eat lunch. We ate at Barnacle Billy’s, which was in between the cove and the Basin.

The Basin in Ogunquit, Maine

Barnacle Billy’s

Barnacle Billy's Restaurant

We stopped at Barnacle Billy’s for a lobster roll and clam chowder. This little restaurant has a great patio deck where you can enjoy the view while eating your seafood. My mom wasn’t a fan of the lobster roll, so I finished it for her, and she finished my clam chowder. We happened to get here in between lunch and dinner, so there wasn’t much of a crowd at the time. But, I can see that it can be quite the happening place during the dinner rush.

Anchorage By The Sea

Anchorage By the Sea Resort

Anchorage by the Sea was the beautiful resort we stayed at, overlooking the ocean. The rooms were spacious, and the views were spectacular! And since it was right by the water, all you had to do was go out your door, and you were on the Marginal Way.

We ate a delicious breakfast at the onsite restaurant before we head out for our daily explorations of Maine. I’m not sure what my mom did when I took off exploring, but I’m sure she found something to do. One of the special details that I loved about this resort was the attention to detail and all the fall decorations they had, which made this resort so lovely.

Fall Decorations at the Anchorage by the Sea


Waves splashing on the rocks

I took so many photos during my hours and hours on the Marginal Way. I’m going to be posting them to my SmugMug site later for you to browse through them, and if you so choose, order a print to hang on your wall. Exploring Ogunquit Marginal Way was an amazing experience, and I will be following this post with another one showing how you can take photos during sunrise by the water. As I said earlier, if you manage to make your way to Maine, this has to be one of your must-stop destinations. It has everything you would need or would look for, spectacular scenery, breathtaking views, and of course, great lobster!

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  • Ann Stevenson 31March2021 at 5:12 PM Reply

    Since my first visit to Ogunquit many years ago, I’ve carried the memories close to my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your memories.

    • Heather 31March2021 at 7:07 PM Reply

      Thank you, Ann! I’m glad that you enjoyed my story!

  • Jody 30March2021 at 4:40 AM Reply

    This article is great. I grew up in York Beach summers and have visited Ogunquit frequently. It’s a special and almost magical place.

    • Heather 30March2021 at 11:19 AM Reply

      Thank you, Jody! That must have been wonderful for you to grow up in such a beautiful area!

  • Paul J Noel 12March2021 at 8:28 AM Reply

    WOW!!! Your photos are exquisite . Would you ever give permission to an artist ti use any of them in my paintings. I take photos all the time of Marginal Way but none as spectacular as yours! Just a thought….love your work. My website is http://www.pauljnoelart.com

    Thank you for your consideration. I would never use your “exact photos” for reproduction but as a reference for my paintings only .
    Paul Noel

    • Heather 12March2021 at 9:44 AM Reply

      Yes, as a painter myself that is a great honor to be considered as a reference. If it would be possible to give me credit for the reference, let me know which one you would love to use. Also, I have more photos of the Marginal Way on my How to Take Stunning Sunrise Photos at Marginal Way blog post.

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