Exploring the Past in Columbus, Ohio

Do you enjoy taking the time to see and explore new places? You never know what you will find when you get off the highway and choose the back roads in Columbus, Ohio.

I have been taking my digital camera (Canon 7D) with me on these trips so; I can keep practicing and improving my photography skills.  I might look ridiculous with a camera practically glued to my face but, I love looking at the photos and trying to think of who was here before me — these a few of my favorites from one of my trips to Columbus, Ohio.

Swartz Covered Bridge

Swartz Bridge 1879

Swartz Bridge 1879

The Swartz Bridge I found off of US-23 on a couple of backcountry roads.  It is a one-lane bridge in the middle of nowhere with what looked like the original planks to drive over.  I felt like I should have been in a horse & buggy when I drove through it.

Powell Old Farm

The old farm with the stone fence and gatehouse was beautiful.  This is located in Powell.  What is neat about this place that after all these years with modern buildings and homes popping up all around it. But, the city has preserved a lot of the old farmstead.  The gatehouse is still there with a stained glass window and wood door.  The stone fence that probably went around the hundred of acres is still standing even going further down the main road. I was so taken by the gatehouse that I did a watercolor painting of it when I got home.Watercolor painting of the Gatehouse on the Powell Farm All in front of new subdivisions the city has kept the original stone fence lining the road. Parts of it are crumbling down but, what a way to preserve the history and still make way for the future.

Liberty Presbyterian Church

The church was so eye-catching that I drove right past it on my way out-of-town.  I actually did a U-turn to go back and check out the property. This historical site housed a barn, hall (old schoolhouse), burial ground, and of course the chapel.  What was so thought-provoking about this place was the signposted right above the door of the chapel. It said: “All Because Two People Fell In Love.”  No more words are needed.

Liberty Presbyterian Church est. 1810

Liberty Presbyterian Church est. 1810

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