Looking at Zoo Animals from a Different Perspective

We have all had those moments when we look back at the family photos from the trip to the zoo and cringe at the blurry animal shots, reflections in glass, and not so good pictures. I used to have tons of them like that but, I have learned some helpful tips on how to improve them and I wanted to share those tips with you along with my pics. With my numerous trips to Columbus, Ohio, I have been able to enjoy the Columbus Zoo and practiced my photography skills with my Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera.

The first thing I have learned is Don’t Rush. Taking superb animal pictures takes time. Animals can’t stop and pose for you so; you will have to spend some time waiting for that right moment to capture. For me to get all my favorite photos, it was more than one trip to the zoo. You might look weird standing there for a while but, what you get out of it will be worth it.

The second thing is To Get Up Close. Obviously, you can’t get that close to the animals but, a splendid zoom lens or a telephoto add-on lens can make it look like you were. My everyday lens is an 18-200mm, and then I have a 72mm Professional HD DSLR MC AF 2X Telephoto Lens that I can add onto my lens.

The Third thing is to Work Through The Barriers Like Glass And Mesh. What I mean is that there are ways to get good photos through all those fingerprints on the glass and mesh separating you from the animals. You can add a polarizing filter to your lens that will help you remove the reflections in the glass, or you can put your camera lens right up to the glass. The other thing to do is switch to manual focus. This technique will allow you to focus past the mesh/net and onto the animal itself.

The fourth thing is to Go Early In The Day. Most animals tend to sleep as it gets warmer during the day so, don’t be surprised that you end up with a lot of sleeping animal photos.

The last thing is to enjoy your time at the zoo and go often throughout the year. Every visit will give you something new to photograph. Animals are amazing creatures and they definitely deserve to be photographed well! Good Luck on your zoo photos!

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