Something Surprising Around Every Corner at Easton Town Center

In the Greater Columbus area, there is a fantastic outdoor/indoor Mall, Easton Town Center which you will enjoy visiting even if you aren’t a big shopper. It is located right off of I-270, Easton exit 33. Easton Town Center has over 200 stores, restaurants, and entertainment. I love stopping here when I’m visiting friends in Columbus.


There are the usual stores Sephora, Express, Macy’s, but there are also some Easton_0004unique ones, like Tumi, Athleta, and American Girl. I had to do a double-take on one particular window as I passed by because they had a live model in it. A guy was holding a flower and flirting with all the ladies as they walked past. Got a smile out of me! I spent a lot of time in the Victoria Secret’s store and was surprised to find out it was their headquarters. I didn’t know that Victoria Secret’s was headquartered in Ohio. Amazing to be so close to where they make those amazing costumes for their fashion shows.

If the weather is beautiful and you need to take a break, a nice stop is Bon Vie Bistro. They have a great patio where you can get something tasty to eat or a drink to quench your thirst while you rest your tootsies before you tackle the rest of the mall. In the center of the outdoor portion is the Central Park Fountain. This fountain was by far the coolest thing seeing all the kids sailing their boats in the fountain. I could see coming here on a beautiful day and be hanging out by the fountain all afternoon.Easton_0001

Another little treat is the Easton Trolley. The trolley will pick you up in one of the three stops throughout the town center. The trolley is an excellent way to get from one end of the Town Center to the other. Since the weather in Ohio is almost as predictable as the weather here in Michigan, it was not surprising that it was storming by the end of the afternoon. As most people are running into the stores to keep from getting wet, I noticed that there were umbrella stands in front of several stores where you could borrow one while you are shopping. I love how convenient, and classy Easton Town Center is and with the pleasant little surprises throughout, you can guarantee a good time visiting here.

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