Exploring Hayden Falls in Ohio

Hayden Falls in Dublin Ohio

If you ever thought a waterfall couldn’t hide in the middle of a populated city, well think again. Hayden Falls does just that by being in the midst of the town of Dublin, Ohio. The falls are located in Griggs Nature Preserve off of Hayden Run Rd. There is a small parking lot with easy to find stairs leading down to Hayden Falls Park.

Hayden Falls in Dublin Ohio

stairs in Hayden Falls ParkLooking down the stairs can be quite intimidating since you aren’t sure where they are going to lead you. But, if you are daring and love nature you have to explore this park. At the bottom of the stairs is a boardwalk that leads you to the falls alongside a beautiful gorge.Gorge in Hayden Falls ParkGorge in Hayden Falls Park

Hayden Falls

It was quiet here as we were the only ones on the boardwalk at this time. As we walked further back, the roar of the water kept getting louder and louder. Since it had rained a lot while we were in Columbus, Hayden Falls was amazing. At 35 feet tall, this waterfall has gallons and gallons of water rushing over the edge. Leaving you covered in a thin layer of mist as you stand at the end of the boardwalk.

Hayden Falls in Dublin OhioHayden Falls in Dublin Ohio

This area is a great park and waterfall to add to your Road Trip if you are in the Columbus area. I am particularly amazed at how this gem of a waterfall can remain so hidden from the rest of the world.

Getting There: 4326 Hayden Run Rd. Dublin, Ohio; near the intersection of Hayden Run Rd. & Franz Rd.

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