Good Morrow! Come ye to the Faire! It’s Renaissance Time!

Every fall there is a special event that happens in Holly on the weekends. There are queens, courtiers, knights, and villagers meandering through the Hollygrove enjoying mead, trenchers, and people watching all the other merry-making revelers.

Michigan Renaissance Festival

The Michigan Renaissance Festival runs from the end of the August to the beginning of October. It is a 17-acre village consisting of craft shops, taverns, a castle and a jousting field all taking you back in time to the 16th century. I have taken my niece and nephew to experience this a couple of occasions, and we always enjoy this thoroughly.

Each weekend has a separate theme. Check out the Michigan Renaissance Festival website for details. I have been there for pirates and the Highlanders themed weekend. There is something for everybody.

If you time it right, you might see the queen and her court walking through the village. Don’t forget to toast to her Majesty’s health as you quaff an ale as she passes.

After you have cheered loudly for your knight (hopefully he won!), there are many other sights to see within Hollygrove. Some are returning acts year after year and others are people just like you that came dressed up in full costume (elegant courtier, rebellious outlaw, or lusty wench).

Plus, there are 17 stages filled with comedy acts, music, jugglers, and just plain crazy shows that you have to see to believe.

With a kids realm and people driven rides, there is so much to do that you will have to come back again and again.  Unless your most favorite aunt gets you detained for being a teenager!

Make the most out of the Renaissance Faire experience by dressing the part, eating foods with your fingers, and immersing yourself in the 16th-century lifestyle. The more you participate, the more fun you will have. Go ahead and you will be coming back year after year saying Hail and well met! To all your new friends! I shall see you anon!

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