Take me out to the ball game! Behind the Scenes Tour of Comerica Park

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see what was going on underneath the stadium seats while watching a game at Comerica Park? I recently went on a Behind the Scenes Tour of Comerica Park with my Aunt and the Detroit Shoppe group.

The Detroit Shoppe puts on fabulous bus tours of unusual places around Detroit that are entirely unexpected and surprising. This particular tour of Comerica Park included additional stops at St. John’s Episcopal Church and the original Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit. This post is all about the areas that you can’t go when you come to a ball game unless you are a player or in the media. Enjoy the behind the scenes look at the tour of Comerica Park.

When we got dropped off at Comerica Park, we gathered in the lobby where we waited for the tour guide. There happened to be another tour of Comerica Park that got there before us so, there was a slight mix-up with who was going to give the tour. But once they got it all straightened out, we were off.

Our first stop on the tour of Comerica Park was where the media camera is at the back of the center field. We got to go into the secured area. The amazing view they have of the whole baseball parks. There was a Fantasy Baseball Camp going on while we were on our tour. Lots of money spent to play ball for a weekend and pretend that you’re a professional baseball player.


The second stop was the Detroit Tigers Sculptures. Our tour guide had lots of interesting tidbits on the statues that I had no idea about. I’ve seen these statues tons of time and never noticed the little details. Such as the crown under Ty Cobb for his Triple Crown or the face under Charlie Gehringer. The statues are made of stainless steel and capture the essence of some of the greatest Tigers in action–Ty Cobb, Charlie Gehringer, Hank Greenberg, Al Kaline, Hal Newhouser, and Willie Horton. Willie Horton is the only one not in the Hall of Fame but, did an incredible amount for Detroit.

The next stop was BrushFire Grill area where the Fly Ball Ferris Wheel is and the entrance to the Tiger’s Den Lounge for Tiger’s Den ticket holders. On the other side of the park is another food court that has the Tiger Carousel.

After this stop, we walked around the Detroit Tiger’s Walk of Fame. This corridor is in the main concourse depicting from the 1800’s to present.  Each display has artifacts of that era, including the wheel & tire of the automobile at that time, the frames are painted with the most popular car colors of that time, and all the Tigers memorabilia. Nice trip down memory lane.

After finishing the main floor of the park, we headed up to explore a new area. We got to sit in the Ernie Harwell Media Center and see where all the announcers sit.

After that, we walked into the Champions Club. This room is the place where the retired Tiger’s players & their
families watch
Games when they attend. You could buy tickets to view a game from here if you had an extra hundred dollars to spend. The club also has the 1968 and 1984 World Series Trophy display along with many other memorabilia and awards.

The only spot we hadn’t seen yet was where the players go during the games.  The next stop on the tour of Comerica Park was down below. Do you know that the visitor team can drive a bus down the ramp and entirely under the stadium to unload their equipment by their lockers/dugout? Yep, they can. From the tunnel, you can access the clubhouse which leads to the dugout and view of the ballplayers. It was a great experience to sit in the dugout! Pretty cool!

If you are a big baseball fan and even bigger Detroit Tigers fan, check out this Behind the Scenes Tour of Comerica Park, you won’t be disappointed! Are there other ballparks that have great behind the scenes tours?


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