Spring has Sprung at Eastern Market Flower Day

Vendors selling Plants and Flowers at the Eastern Market

Rows and rows of colorfully fragrant petunias, roses, pansies, lilies, and more can be found at Eastern Market Flower Day in Detroit, Michigan. The Eastern Market Flower Day has been happening annually on the Sunday after Mother’s Day since 1967. This year’s Eastern Market Flower Day is back and celebrated on May 21st. Also, check below for other Flower Days. Flower Day at the Eastern Market has been a tradition for Michiganders for years to purchase their favorite flowers to begin planting in their gardens.Colorful Rosebud bushes at the Eastern Market on Flower Day

Vendors selling Plants and Flowers at the Eastern Market

History of the Flower Day at Eastern MarketPink Petunias and Purple Sweat Pea Hanging Basket

The first flower day was held at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. It featured flower displays but did not offer the ability to buy them from local gardeners. It moved to the Eastern Market in 1967, allowing growers to display the flowers and sell them. Eastern Market Flower Day is now a favored tradition for families heralding spring to Michigan for over 50 years.

The continuing success of Flower Day is due to the partnership with the Metropolitan Detroit Flower Growers Association. Their members arrive every year from Michigan, Ontario, and neighboring states to display the latest in flowers. The vendors share 15 acres of the heartiest varieties of flowers for this region for you to buy and plant. There are also information sessions available for you to learn strategies on how to help their plants thrive when they get them home.

Essential Tips for Flower DayHanging Baskets of Petunias

Flower Day is Eastern Market’s busiest weekend of the year, with over 200,000 people attending. You can come and visit the Eastern Market all year long, but this is the traditional ushering into spring event in Michigan. You can find the market at 2934 Russell St. in downtown Detroit. Make sure you come early to get the close parking spots and the best selection of flowers.

After you have purchased your flowers, make sure to spend some more time exploring Eastern Market and the surrounding area. There are great restaurants, pubs, mom & pop stores, and fabulous street art for you to see. You can make a whole day out of visiting the Eastern Market.

The FlowersRows of Purple Red and White Flowers on Flower Day in the Eastern Market

You will be able to find all kinds of varieties of flowers at the Eastern Market on Flower Day. There will be perennial, annual, and seasonal flowers for sale and on display. You will be able to purchase flats of flowers, hanging baskets, or flowers in pots. Almost every kind of flower that grows well in Michigan can be found here. Whatever your favorite might be, whether it is petunias, pansies, lilies, sweet peas, tulips, cacti, or roses, you can buy them here. Along with whatever color scheme you are planning for your flower garden, you will find all colors of the rainbow in the Eastern Market.Pots of Cacti at the Eastern Market

Getting Around the Eastern MarketWagons filled with plants on Eastern Market Flower Day

An important tip for first-time visitors to Flower Day is to bring a wagon. The crowds of people will make it difficult to maneuver around the barns within the Eastern Market. But, carrying the flats and flower pots around will be more challenging unless you brought your whole family to help hold them. Or you might have to take multiple trips back to your car, and that might be a hike. The market does offer free parcel pickups, so you don’t have to haul your flats of flowers around while you browse the rest of the market if you don’t have a wagon.

Updates  for  2023Flats of pink and red flowers in the Eastern Market Flower Day

Besides the return of the official Flower Day on May 21st, there will be five Flower Season Tuesday Markets on May 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30! The Tuesday Markets will have flower selections from Eastern Market growers, smaller crowds, and easier parking. Flowers will also be available for purchase in person at the weekly Saturday Markets throughout flower season. Find flower vendors in Shed 6 every day from Mother’s Day till Father’s Day from sunrise to sunset.

SummaryColorful Cockscomb

Eastern Market Flower Day has been one of my favorite ways to mark the beginning of spring. It is a bummer that this year it is changing. Even though we won’t be able to walk around the market and smell all the beautiful flowers, the flowers are still going to be available for your flower gardens. You can save this post for next year to help you plan your Flower Day adventure. Happy Spring, Everyone!

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