Exploring Art Through the Heidelberg Project

If you want to see one of the lesser known beauties of Detroit, the Heidelberg Project is the place to explore. Through art, the founder, Tyree Guyton strives to inspire people to use their creative abilities to better their lives and communities.


Tyree’s work takes an odd twist on the abandoned homes located in the east side of Detroit. Using dolls, shoes, and other forms of medium, he creates eye-popping and bizarre works of art that you wouldn’t find in any museum or art gallery. The Heidelberg Project’s vision is to create a community that can redevelop and sustain itself for years to come.

This 2 block area located on 3600 Heidelberg St. has plenty to see for the budding photographer, the urban explorer, or someone who just wants to see a unique and special side of Detroit.


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While the area might seem intimidating with all of the stuff it has, it is an amazing experience overall! I loved being able to wander off and explore the ladders, the polka dot house, and house filled with dolls. There are so many different pieces that I guarantee the more you go back, you will find different things you didn’t notice before.

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