Behind the Camera Lens at the Dingle Nature Reserve

Wooden bridge over a creek in the Dingle

Exploring Llangefni, where I was housesitting for six weeks over the summer, was the objective the very first day. I walked around the town, taking photos of the historic buildings and noticed that there were a lot of cars behind in a large parking lot. Where were all the people? I didn’t see them around the town. That is when I found the entrance to the Dingle Nature Reserve and all the people. And my camera and I had a perfect day! Here is a snapshot of what I was able to capture at the Dingle Nature Reserve.

Wooden bridge over a creek in the Dingle

The DinglePathway in the Dingle Nature Reserve

The entrance to The Dingle is tucked back at the west end of the parking lot behind the old Llangefni Railway Station. Look for the large sign with the map and description of the nature reserve in Welsh and English. Did you know that they teach children Welsh and English in schools in Wales? All the signs in Wales have both Welsh first then English. The Dingle Nature Reserve is 25 acres with boardwalks next to meandering creeks, old train tracks, wooden bridges, tree sculptures, beautiful fragrant flowers, mossy trees, and wide paved paths for bicycles that take you to and around the Llyn Cefni Reservoir.Trees reflected in water in the Dingle Nature Reserve

Walking the Boardwalk and Meeting the LocalsCreek in the Dingle Reserve

Walking around the Nature Reserve, I found more entrances into the park and ran into a lot of people walking and biking through the Dingle. I stopped and chatted with an older couple sitting on a bench. They regularly take walks here and were so friendly and were happy to chat with newcomers to the island.

Without knowing how long it would take to reach the reservoir, I kept walking. Past the boardwalk and under a train bridge rounding a corner and almost ran into a biker that was lost and was looking for a way out of the park. Chatting with him, we figured there had to be one after the reservoir. He took off, and I kept walking. I found a small wooden bridge over a creek and spent time taking photos there. I met another lady walking her dog coming down from a hill and another secret entrance. It is like a secret club to know and find the openings into the Dingle.Tree stump in the Dingle

Old Train Tracks from Llangefni Railway StationOld Train tracks in the Dingle

The old train tracks used to go to the Llangefni Railway Station, but are no longer in use. I am glad that they left the rails in place as they are great to photograph. You can even let your imagination go wild and imagine zombies walking out of the tree line. Ok, I think I’ve watched too much of the Walking Dead. Train tracks in the Dingle

Llyn Cefni ReservoirPink and white Flowers in front of Llyn Cefni

A little more than a half-mile from the town of Llangefni is the Llyn Cefni Reservoir. Llyn Cefni is the second largest body of water on the Isle of Anglesey. You can fly fish in the reservoir and catch brown and rainbow trout here. Or you can do what I did and sit and admire the peacefulness and the calmness of the water for a while. Llyn Cefni in the Dingle Nature ReserveBright Pink Flowers in front of Llyn Cefni

Flowers in NatureClose-up of purple flowers

The Dingle has some gorgeous flowers on the path close to the reservoir. You might even catch some butterflies landing on the flowers. Flowers are one of my favorite subjects, especially if the light is right. And I was fortunate this day by being blessed with tons of sunshine. Yellow flowers in the DingleButterflies on purple flowersClose-up of tall purple flowers

Purple Thistle Flower

SummaryLooking up through the flowers

The Dingle Nature Reserve is a fantastic place to capture nature photos. And it is an excellent environment for walking, biking, or just finding some quiet time. When you are in North Wales and visiting the Isle of Anglesey, come and explore the Dingle. There is so much to see here that you and your camera will love it and want to go back again and again.

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