Cherry Blossom Time in Washington DC: How to get the Perfect Photo

Pink Cherry Blossoms and Washington Monument at the Tidal Basin in Washington DC

You know when spring has come when it is Cherry Blossom Time in Washington DC. This yearly national festival is a highlight for photographers and tourists alike. Over 3,000 Cherry trees were given to Washington DC as a gift from the people of Japan in 1912.  I was fortunate to schedule a trip to Washington DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival and to capture the beauty of the cherry blossoms. This year’s festival runs from March 20 to April 12.Heather smiling with Cherry Blossom Trees

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Cherry Blossoms in Washington DCWhite Cherry Blossoms close up in Washington DC

The majority of the Cherry trees surround the Tidal Basin. This is where you can get the best photos of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument. The best times to avoid the crowds is to go early in the morning. The walkway around the Tidal Basin can get filled with strollers and groups so, be patient if you are trying to get that perfect shot. Try to get a variety of photos, close-ups, looking up through the tree, and your obligatory selfie. Don’t forget to frame the monuments with the cherry blossoms.

Jefferson MemorialWhite Cherry Blossoms framing Jefferson Memorial at Cherry Blossom Time in Washington DC

Try to take a variety of photographs, close-ups and far away shots. Don’t forget to look up! As most cameras are digital, you can’t go wrong, taking shot after shot. You might not know for sure which one is the money shot until you get home.Close up of Pink Cheery Blossoms in Washington DCPhotographing Cherry Trees by Tidal Basin at Cherry Blossom Time in Washington DCWhite Cherry Blossoms in Washington DcPink Cherry Blossoms in Washington DCWhite Cherry Blossoms at Cherry Blossom Time in Washington DCPink Cherry Blossoms at Cherry Blossom Time

Washington Monument

My favorite photos are ones with the pink blossoms. I took quite a few trying to frame the Washington Monument. It was hard to pick my absolute favorite. Which one do you like? Pink Cherry Blossoms framing Washington Monument at Cherry Blossom Time in Washington DCWashington Monument during Cherry Blossom FestivalPink Cherry Blossoms and Washington Monument at the Tidal Basin in Washington DCWashington Monument at Cherry Blossom Time

Springtime is such a beautiful time to be in Washington DC with all the trees in bloom. You can spend days here taking all kinds of photos of the cherry trees. Although Cherry Blossoms only bloom for two weeks (14 days), it is hard to predict the exact time they will be in full bloom. This year (2020), the peak time is expected to be between March 27-30. My recommendation is to take a gamble since Mother Nature is fickle. Go ahead and pick a time to visit either in late March or early April.

If you are interested in visiting during the Cherry Blossom Festival, check out this site for all news about Cherry Blossom Time in Washington DC. Washington DC is a great place to visit and with so many places and things to see, that the Cherry Blossoms can only add a little extra to your trip if you are lucky to be there at the right time.

Favorite Cherry Blossom Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos taken when Kayla and I visited. We kept trying to find the perfect cherry blossom tree for the perfect picture. What do you think?


Where to Stay in Washington DC

If you are planning on coming to D.C. during the festival, book early. You can book directly from the map below.

Need Ideas for Things to do in Washington DC

There are plenty of activities for you to choose from when you visit D.C. I usually do my research by looking through pins on Pinterest. But, if you are interested in taking a tour, check out the options with Get Your Guide.

Washington Monument Reflected with White Cherry Blossom Trees

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