Georgetown…Worth a whole day visit in itself!

Georgetown was one place I was determined to visit while I was in Washington DC.  It was highly recommended to me to find a restaurant on the Potomac and eat a great dinner.  

This town is not the easiest to get to.  There are no direct Metro stops and very limited parking on the streets.  I got off at the Foggy Bottom Metro stop and struggled with which way to go to get to the downtown.  I knew the general direction but, it was still a little stressful before I had confirmation that I was heading the right way.  But when I did get there I found the most quaint and historic downtown area.  

Main Street

It was filled with old buildings that were full of character along tree-lined streets.  And anyone with extra money will love the multitude of shops to browse through on the main street and all the side ones as well.  I was having a great time window shopping and without knowing how long the main street went, I kept on walking.  I ended up coming right up on one of the oldest buildings in Washington D.C.

The Old Stone House, part of the Landmark District of Georgetown, is the only surviving pre-Revolutionary Colonial building in the capital.  The house stands on its original site in the port of Georgetown in 1751.  

White Hydrangeas
This building was beautiful from the outside.  I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t see inside but, the flower gardens were amazing!

Georgetown Cupcake

I kept walking down the street and noticed a store that had a line of people waiting in front of it.  I had no clear idea what was going on but, that didn’t matter I stepped right up and took my place in line, the same as everyone else. Everyone was in a jovial mood, and we all kept looking back to see how many people would line up after us.  This establishment seemed to be the place to be Georgetown Cupcake!  I have never heard of this place before but, let me tell you it is worth the wait in line!  The cupcakes were very Yummy!! 

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

I asked for directions to get to the waterfront and everyone was so nice and helpful.  I was directed to the brick-paved street that would take me directly to the Waterfront Park.  Crossing the C&O Canal, I couldn’t help noticing how rustically beautiful it was.

Washington Harbor

Washington Harbour has some great restaurants with amazing views of the Potomac.  I had dinner at Tony and Joe’s.  Meals there are reasonably priced with their specialty in seafood. Try the Salmon it was fabulous!  I sat on the patio and watched the boats go by and the sun setting.  What a wonderfully relaxing evening!

As I was walking back to the town from the waterfront, I came across the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park.  A little history…”Georgetown was little more than a sleepy market town when planning for a Potomac River Valley canal began in the 1820s.  It would likely have remained one forever or perhaps even faded away entirely but for one critical decision: the new canal would not end at Fletcher’s Cove, as expected, but continue in the heart of the village.  This meant Georgetown would have a real future, not only as an important capital city neighborhood but also as a vibrant, industrial community.”  But walking along the canal, it was like walking back in time.

Day Trips from Washington D.C.

Georgetown a must see town when visiting in the Washington D.C. area! If you are looking for more ideas of day trips from Washington D.C. check these out:

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