Georgetown…Worth a whole day visit in itself!

Georgetown Mainstreet

Georgetown was one place I was determined to visit while I was in Washington, DC. It was highly recommended to me to find a restaurant on the Potomac and eat a great dinner.

Georgetown Mainstreet

This town is not the easiest to get to. There are no direct Metro stops and minimal parking on the streets. I got off at the Foggy Bottom Metro stop and struggled with which way to go to get to the downtown. I knew the general direction, but it was still a little stressful before I had confirmation that I was heading the right way. And when I did get there, I found the most quaint and historic downtown area. Old buildings in Georgetown

Main StreetLooking down main street

It was filled with old buildings that were full of personality along tree-lined streets. And anyone with extra money will love the multitude of shops to browse through on the main road and all the side ones as well. I was having a great time window shopping, and without knowing how long the main street went, I kept on walking. I ended up coming right up on one of the oldest buildings in Washington, D.C.

The Old Stone House, part of the Landmark District of Georgetown in 1766, is the only surviving pre-Revolutionary Colonial building in the capital. The house stands on its original site in the port of Georgetown in 1751. Old Stone House 1766

This building is beautiful from the outside. I was a bit bummed, though, that I couldn’t see inside. But, the flower gardens made up for that. The garden is fantastic!White Hydrangeas and purple flowers

Cherry Blossoms in GeorgetownCherry Blossoms along a Georgetown street

If you happen to visit Washington D.C. in the springtime when the cherry blossoms are blooming. You can find these trees along the streets of Georgetown. If you wander off the main road, you can find beautiful brick homes on cobbled streets. And several of these homes have cherry trees in front of them.Cobbled street in GeorgetownCherry Blossom TreeClose-up of Cherry Blossoms

Georgetown CupcakeGeorgetown Cupcake

I kept walking down the street and noticed a store that had a line of people waiting in front of it. Having no idea what was going on, that didn’t matter. I stepped right up and took my place in line. Everyone was in a jovial mood, and we all kept looking back to see how many people would line up after us. This establishment seemed to be the place to be. I have never heard of Georgetown Cupcake before. But, let me tell you it is worth the wait in line! The cupcakes are very Yummy! Inside Georgetown CupcakeCupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake

Chesapeake & Ohio CanalReflections in the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

I asked for directions to get to the waterfront, and everyone was so lovely and helpful. I was directed to the brick-paved street that would take me directly to Waterfront Park. Crossing the C&O Canal, I couldn’t help noticing how rustically beautiful it was. During the day, you might even see people running on the trails next to the canal.Street in GeorgetownView of the canalChesapeake and Ohio CanalBridges over the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Washington HarborPathway along the Georgetown Waterfront

Washington Harbour has some great restaurants with amazing views of the Potomac. I had dinner at Tony and Joe’s. Meals there are reasonably priced with their specialty in seafood. Try the Salmon. It is delicious! I sat on the patio and watched the boats go by with the sun setting. What a wonderfully relaxing evening!Dining on the banks of the Potomac River

Sunset view of the Potomac River

Potomac RiverPotomac River

You have to walk down to the waterfront to enjoy the views of the Potomac River. You can always find people here throughout the day. Whether feeding the birds at lunchtime to catching the sunset. This is the place to be in Georgetown. Kayla Feeding the Birds by the Potomac River

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical ParkView of Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

As I was walking back to the town from the waterfront, I came across the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. A little history…”Georgetown was little more than a sleepy market town when planning for a Potomac River Valley canal began in the 1820s. It would likely have remained one forever or perhaps even faded away entirely. Still, for one critical decision: the new canal would not end at Fletcher’s Cove, as expected, but continue in the heart of the village. This meant Georgetown would have a real future, not only as a great capital city neighborhood but also as a vibrant, industrial community.” But walking along the canal, it was like stepping back in time.Georgetown boat in the canalChesapeake & Ohio Canal Lock #4Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Other Things to See in GeorgetownGeorgetown Lutheran Church

With Georgetown being a historic city, there are many landmarks throughout the town for you to discover. During my second trip to Georgetown, this one with my niece, Kayla, we went exploring off the main street. We found plenty of Instagram spots for us to have some photography fun. Kayla goofing around by the canal

SummaryView of the Potomac River

Georgetown a must-see town when visiting in the Washington D.C. area! If you like taking photographs, this charming town has plenty for you to capture. Come here for the historical buildings, great seafood, cupcakes, and stunning sunsets on the Potomac River. With all of these activities to do here, Georgetown is worth a full-day visit.

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