Top 3 Beautiful Things on Twickenham Historic Home Tour

McClung House Huntsville, Alabama

Visiting Huntsville, Alabama you cannot miss exploring the Twickenham Historic Home District. I was visiting Huntsville for a TBEX travel conference and was doing a little exploring before my tour to NASA Marshall Space Flight Center that afternoon. I chose to do a self-walking tour and was amazed at all the Southern Antebellum Homes all in one area. True to my style, I proceeded to get myself lost twice while trying to navigate the Huntsville roads. I was trying to find the starting point of where the Twickenham Historic Home Tour began. The sad thing is that I actually had a map. I am so directionally challenged even with me traveling all the time.

McClung House Huntsville, Alabama

I eventually found the 1800’s homes. These old antebellum homes with their columns and wrap around porches were beautiful. I happened to see a TBEX tour bus dropping people off to see the homes with guides. I was very glad to be able to walk around at my own pace and to take tons of photos when something caught my eye. Here is what I wanted to share with you of my morning walk through the Twickenham Historic Homes District.

Top 3 Beautiful Things to See on Twickenham Historic Home Tour

  1. Magnolia Blossoms – I noticed a lot of Magnolia trees and even some that had the Magnolia Blossoms open. These flowers are so fragrant and look so pretty with the white petals against the dark green leaves.Magnolia blossom in Huntsville, Alabama
  2. Antebellum Homes – Twickenham Historic District all started with one man Leroy Pope. He came to Madison County in 1809 and started buying several properties to become the future town of Twickenham. The Leroy Pope Mansion below in the first photo was built in 1814. He entertained General Andrew Jackson in his home after the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Amazing history this town has with having the union occupying these homes during the Civil War. What I admire the most is the architecture of these home with all their Greek columns, wrap around porches and widow’s walks.
    LeRoy Pope Mansion Huntsville, Alabama

    LeRoy Pope Mansion 1814 

    Moore-Rhett House Twickenham Historic Home Tour Huntsville Alabama

    Moore-Rhett House 1826

    Walker-Lowe House in Huntsville, Alabama

    Walker-Lower House 1834

    Grove-Basset House Huntsville, Alabama

    Grove-Basset House 1818

    McClung House Twickenham Historic Home Tour Huntsville, Alabama

    McClung House 1838

    Historic home in Huntsville, Alabama with a Widow's Walk

  3.  Southern Belles – These beautiful ladies were dressed in full southern belle regalia. I asked the first lady if I could take her photo and she said: “Of course, Sugar!” I love their southern accent and charm. With a quick snap of her wrist, she opened the fan and posed gracefully. Myself, I was sweating from the humidity and the walk so, I would never have been able to pull that pose off as quickly as she did.Southern belle posing for a photo in Twickenham Historic Home districtSouthern belle posing for a photo in a doorway Twickenham Historic HomesHave you explored the Historic Homes in Twickenham? Which house was your favorite? If you would like to see more of what to do in Huntsville, Alabama, check out my post – Top 6 Interesting Things to Do in Huntsville, Alabama

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