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  1. Mashon

    Love this: “For speed networking, I wouldn’t worry about the state of your followers if this is your first time. Everyone told me that the key is knowing inside and out your brand and who you are targeting. If you are confident in that when you meet prospective clients, that will shine through. The important thing to remember is that this is a journey and you never know how your first connections will translate to jobs in the future.”

    It’s definitely something I was worried about … I didn’t feel prepared but attending the conference and reading this really helped cement that it’s about knowing who you are. Thanks!


    • Heather

      Your welcome Mashon! I was also really nervous about my lower stats compared to the bloggers that have been doing this for years but, I’m really glad I did this. I learned a lot. And I know I’ll be that much more prepared for Ireland!


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