Top 10 Amazing Things to Do in Dingle Peninsula

Colorful buildings alongside Dingle Bay

Beautiful landscapes, gorgeous cliff views, fantastic beaches, and fabulous film locations are all part of Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula. This area of Ireland is part of the Wild Atlantic Way and is an incredible scenic road trip through the Irish countryside. Here are the Top 10 Amazing Things to Do in Dingle Peninsula.

Colorful buildings alongside Dingle Bay

Things to Do in Dingle Peninsula

Inch Strand

Inch Beach in Ardroe, IrelandThis 5km beach seems to go on forever. Walking past the gift shop, I was expecting to touch the water right after the dunes. But, in actuality, I had to walk quite a bit out to reach the surf. I have never been on a beach like this before. It is amazingly beautiful, and I can see how filmmakers would want this beach and the surrounding landscape in their movies. The “Playboy of the Western World” filmed here in 1962 and “Ryan’s Daughter” filmed in 1970. “Surfers, shore fisherman, swimmers, and film stars have left their footprints in the sand” and so have I.


South Pole Inn in Annascaul, Ireland - Top 10 Amazing Things to See on the Dingle PeninsulaAnnascaul – the Heart of Dingle Peninsula is also the home of Tom Crean. The infamous explorer of the Antartic went on three expeditions to the Antartic. Earned the Albert medal saving the life of a fellow explorer by walking 56km solo across the Ross Ice Shelf. He is the town’s hero. You can stop at the South Pole Inn to see tons of Tome Crean memorabilia or grab a pint and a meal. But there is so much more to do in Annascaul, which is located right by mountains, lakes, and streams. This village is a lovely stopping point or even stay the night for nature lovers, walkers, and hikers. There are plenty of pubs to visit, and it is close by to Inch Strand as well.

Slea Head Drive

Colorful buildings in DingleFor a half-day road trip, Slea Head Drive takes you into the past and blasts you into the future all on the same 30-mile road. Make sure to go clockwise to stay in the same direction of the tour buses that will share the narrow road with you. I took a dingle peninsula tour with Deros Sightseeing Tours out of Killarney, and they were fantastic! The driver told us if we saw something we wanted to stop at to just let him know. This circular road trip starts and ends in Dingle, which has excellent food and plenty of shops for you to spend the rest of the day in Dingle. Plus. If you are staying longer, check out the Dingle Dolphin Tours, Fungi would love to meet you.Fungie, the Bottlenose Dolphin that escorts fishing boats in and out of Dingle Bay - Top 10 Amazing Things to See on the Dingle Peninsula

Páidí Ó Sé’s Pub

Páidí Ó Sé's Pub on Slea Head Drive in DinglePáidí Ó Sé's Pub on Slea Head DrivePáidí Ó Sé is a famous Irish football and manager who passed away too young but, his legacy lives on at his pub. The walls are adorned with photos of famous people who have visited the pub including Tom Cruise, Martin Sheen, Dolly Parton, and Bill Clinton, to name a few. This is a huge pub that has good food and a great atmosphere, especially if you love sports. And it won’t hurt to try to speak a little Gaelic here or even learn from those who work there.

Beehive Huts

Prehistoric Beehive Huts in Fahan Ireland - Top 20 Irish Experiences: Wild Atlantic WayWhen I came to Ireland, I had never heard of Beehive Huts before. I was fascinated when I saw the sign and even more so when our driver said we were stopping for a bit at Fahan Beehive Huts. I paid the small entry fee to walk up the steep hill and at the top, there is a group of clochauns (stone beehive-shaped buildings). Walking around and in them, it was hard to imagine that people lived in these. An even more beautiful view is out toward Dingle Bay at this height. And on a sunny day, you can also spot Skellig Michael island out in the bay.Cliffs along Slea Head Drive Fahan Ireland

Devil’s Elbow

Devils Elbow on Slea Head DriveThis area of the Slea Head Drive is a sharp turn but, also an area where water runs down from the mountain and washes over the road to the cliff on the other side. Hence the name Devil’s Elbow. With the road being a single lane, this is a tricky spot to maneuver big tour buses. I don’t think I want to be driving during the rainy season.


Marking Sheep on the side of Slea Head Drive

Of course, you will see sheep; it is Ireland. But, I was fortunate to be riding by when the sheep were all corralled getting color paint on their wool. The reason they do this is that multiple farmers share the same large pastures that are surrounded by stone walls. You will see the hills littered with sheep, and when it comes time to gather them up over the hundreds of acres they have been roaming, it is easier for the farmer to find his sheep.

Slea Head Crucifix 

Crucifix on the scenic Slea Head Drive around Dingle PeninsulaThere is a small turnout that buses and cars can stop at the actual point of Slea Head. The crucifix on the opposite side of the road is a memorial for fishermen who have been lost at sea. While at this point, you can also usually get great views of the Blasket Islands. Unfortunately for me, it was a bit overcast at the time. But I can imagine how pretty it can be.Blasket Islands, Ireland

Coumeenoole Beach

Coumeenoole Beach filming location for Ryan's DaughterCoumeenoole Beach is where Ryan’s Daughter was filmed. Along with Inch Strand, Ireland has some magnificent beaches. They look so untouched compared to the beaches that I have been to in the United States.

Ceann Sibéal

Ceann Sibeal near Clogher Head, IrelandSaved the best amazing thing to see on the Dingle Peninsula for last. Ceann Sibéal. At the lookout, I was able to capture an overcast view of Sybil Head from the south, near Clogher Head. You can even see faint images of the Three Sister mountains on the right. This is one of the many Star Wars filming locations in Ireland. They filmed the scenes with Luke and Rey at the Jedi temples here. Ireland is definitely getting a big tourist boost from filming Game of Thrones on location in the north but, now with the Star Wars movies out; the Wild Atlantic Way is the place to visit for Star Wars fans. And I count myself as one of them!


This is an excellent area of Ireland to visit and explore. Enjoy your travels in Ireland and on the Dingle Peninsula! May the road rise up to meet you, and may the wind be always at your back. Do you have any other suggestions to add to my Top 10 Amazing Things to Do in Dingle Peninsula? I would love to hear them.

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  • Gene Ferriter 13September2020 at 12:41 AM Reply

    My dad grew up in ballyougtra. Pierce Ferriter born in 1931 I have visited
    About 5 times. Looking to visit next year if it is safe.

    • Heather 13September2020 at 3:46 PM Reply

      That is really cool, Gene! I loved visiting Dingle and also look forward to visiting again in the future.

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