Dublina: Experience Medieval Viking Dublin

Dublina Museum

With my Viking heritage, I was excited to explore the Dublina museum. I’d never made the time to go through it on my previous visits to Dublin. The Dublina is a historical re-enactment of what it was like when the Vikings were living in the Dublin area. The Dublina encourages visitor participation within the interactive Viking living museum of medieval Dublin. 

Dublina Museum

How to Get to the Dublina Museum Dublina and Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

Dublina is located in Synod Hall connected to Christ Church Cathedral. It is on the southwest corner of Christ Church and Winetavern Streets. Open hours are from 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. daily. Dublina tickets are 10€ per adult and 6.50€ per child. You can also get a discount ticket combining Christ Church and the Dublina museum. I got the discounted price and explored Christ Church Cathedral before I went over to Dublina.Viking with Boat at Dublina

Viking HistoryViking history in Dublin

The museum is very interactive with actors dressed in period clothing demonstrating everyday Viking life. As you tour the rooms, you go through the early days with the Vikings arriving from Scandinavia and learning about their gods Odin, Thor, and Frey. Then you can read about how they navigated the seas using only wind and wave directions and what life was like on the Viking ships. Their lives were filled with raiding and being full-time warriors until they found someplace to put down roots to farm. And one of those places was here in Dublin.

St. Michael’s TowerView from St. Michael's Tower

Climbing the steps up St. Michael’s Tower will give you some wonderful views of Dublin. The bell tower dating from 1667 was once part of a small medieval parish church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel. The highlight though is the actual St. Michael’s Stained Glass Window you walk by climbing up the steps to the cafe before reaching the tower. The beautiful stained glass window depicts St. Michael the archangel descending from heaven to earth. You are not supposed to take photos of the window, but I didn’t know it until after I took one. Oops.St. Michael's stained glass window


I really enjoyed seeing all of this Viking history. It helped me understand a little bit more of my heritage that I know so little about. The Dublina is an exciting museum to experience Viking history and culture in medieval Dublin. Plan on scheduling at least an hour and a half or longer exploring all the exhibits and floors. If you need a little time away from all the other tourist spots in Dublin, come and explore this interactive historic living museum.

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