The iconic store that every little American Girl wants to visit

If there was ever a place that epitomized little girls, it is the American Girl store. Once you walk in you are overwhelmed with pink, flowers, dresses, shoes, hair bows, and those are just the dolls. I took my niece for a weekend to Chicago and the highlight was that I would treat her to her first American Girl doll.
She was so excited when we walked in the doors of the Chicago flagship American Girl store. There was plenty to look at and she didn’t know where to start. Every display was a distraction for the endless possibilities of what this doll would represent to her.
I steered her over to the dolls and we spent at least 30 minutes trying to find the one that looked the most like her. Then we had to find her some outfits to wear. This store has an amazing set up with the displays geared toward activities. Does your American Girl have a hobby? Is she a scholar? Does she play sports? The neat thing is that the girls can pick something that they already do or want to do in the future. The other nice way they work on the dolls connection to the little girls is that they sell the matching clothes for the bigger girls to wear. Now it is over an hour and we have picked out a couple of outfits and a matching dress for my niece, Madison. But, wait we aren’t done yet…

Next is to take your American Girl doll to the salon to get her first updo. I actually really enjoyed watching my niece’s smile on her face as she watched intently as her stylist created a masterpiece on her doll, Nikki. She wanted to make sure that she could copy everything that he did.

Now of course, there is one more additional stop that you could make…have lunch in the cafe that even has special chairs for your dolls. This is probably something that you could do for a special occasion with your daughter, niece, or grand-daughter. It tends to be a bit pricey but, hey who am I kidding this is all a bit pricey! But I aim to please to be the BEST AUNT EVER! at least that is what Madison says! Gotta love little girls!
Have you spent any time in the American Girl store? What did you think? Is there another store that epitomizes little girls as much as this one?