How to Make the Most Out of National Camera Day

Heather Photographing Unseen Cliff Temple in Thailand

Do you love taking photographs as much as I do? You can always find me with my camera traveling and shooting everything that catches my fancy. But, today is your day to get out and shoot your favorite subjects. June 29 is Nationa Camera Day, which celebrates the photographs, the camera, and its invention.

Heather Photographing Unseen Cliff Temple in Thailand
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The History of the Camera

The history of the camera goes back hundreds of years, even before cameras were invented. The first successful photograph was made in 1816. Over the years, photography has changed from Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, and Tintypes to digital pictures. The evolution of cameras has evolved as well from large boxes (Camera Obscura) to cameras that you could hold in your hand. Different type of photos at the Photo Antiquities Museum

George Eastman was instrumental in making advances in the mass market of cameras. He became known as “The Father of Photography” because of his developments in improving the use, ease, and production of cameras and making them available to everybody. The camera has continually evolved into smaller machines, which makes it easier for you to capture everyday moments, special events, beautiful art, fantastic wildlife, dramatic scenes in nature, or basically anything that interests you. Did you know that in 2017, 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken around the world?The Photographic DocumentBirth and development of Photography

Celebrate National Camera Day

How can you celebrate National Camera Day? First, get your camera out of wherever it is hiding. Or you can use your smartphone as the built-in camera is just as good as cameras nowadays. Second, use your camera. Go and take photographs. It is that easy. And if you want to share what you captured today, go ahead and use the social media hashtag #NationalCameraDay. Other options for you to do is to take a photography class, learn more about your camera, try a different technique in photography, or teach a child how to take photographs.

 “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
– Aaron Siskind

Heather photographing at the Black House in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Take a Photography Class 

I have taken several of these, whether they are online or in person. My best learning has been while taking adult education photography classes in my community. I have completed a couple of courses with different photographer instructors, and each one I have learned something different. One class was focused on outdoor photography, and the other was indoor photography. I even learned how to make a studio inside my home with things I had around the house. If you want inspiration, definitely check out taking a photography class or two. I’m even taking a photography certification class online right now. You are never too old to stop learning.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
– Dorothea Lange

White orchids on a black background

Learn More About Your Camera

I am continually learning more about my camera every day, even though I have owned it for years. There is always a new setting I was not aware of, and once I find it, it opens up a new world of potential photography options. One of the most important things I could have done was to get out of auto mode. Learning how to shoot in manual isn’t as hard as it might seem. It just takes practice. And your photography will improve dramatically.

“It’s not enough to just own a camera. Everyone owns a camera. To be a photographer, you must understand, appreciate, and harness the power you hold!”
– Mark Denman

Getting Out of Auto e-book

Here is an excellent e-book for you if you are interested in taking the plunge to get out of auto mode. This book goes through in detail exposure, lighting, composition with helpful photos, and great tips. There are also several tips for more creative ideas. If you are interested in purchasing this e-book Getting Out of Auto. The book is only $9.99. It is straightforward to read, and you can go at your own pace. With over 70 pages of photography tips, this book will help you get out of the automatic mode and shoot in manual mode comfortably.Buy Now

Try a Different Photography Technique

It is always fun to learn a new technique in photography, and there are plenty to try. You can take photos of soap bubbles in the winter, water reflections that look like paintings, try your hand at time-lapse photography, or play with light tracking. An easy one you can do is to try taking photos through other materials, such as glass or crystal. An easy way to do this is to get a lens ball and capture photographs through it.
Pink flowers captured through a lens ball

Teach a Child How to Take Photographs

One of the greatest joys is to see a child smile. I love teaching kids how to use my camera and see their satisfaction when they see what they captured. It is a great gift, and who knows, you might be inspiring them to be future photographers.

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”
– Ralph Hattersley

Teaching the older kids how to use a digital camera

What to Shoot

You can capture items around your house or go outside and shoot anything in nature. Flowers, trees, sunsets are natural subjects to capture. Or you can take pictures of your kids. Capture everyday life and preserve it. The point is to get out and shoot.

“You don’t take a photograph; you make it.”
– Ansel Adams

Fairy FigurineCandles litFall Trees Reflecting in Water


There are so many things you can do for National Camera Day. With different techniques or different subjects, don’t limit yourself to one thing; try them all. Maybe you will find what you do well, and then you can move on to selling those gorgeous photos. Or, you can be a hobbyist and just enjoy capturing nature or everyday life and share them with your friends and family. Whatever you choose, I hope you Get Out and Shoot!

Your most important gear is your eye, heart, and soul.” – Marius Vieth

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