Algonac Pickerel Tournament – A Time Honored Tradition

Algonac Pickerel Fireworks

The Algonac Pickerel Tournament has been a long-standing, time-honored tradition within my family. For the last 35+ years, we have gone to the carnival, rode the rides, experienced the parade, and watched the fireworks. Each year the Pickerel Festival is held the weekend leading up to the 4th of July, and it is something we always look forward to.

Algonac Pickerel Fireworks

Carnival Rides

I don’t think there is a kid out there that doesn’t get excited to see the beginnings of a carnival getting set-up. My grandma lived right next to the school yard where the Pickerel Tournament is. As little kids, we couldn’t wait to visit her during this time. To us, it was the official beginning of the summer. The minute we arrived at her house, we were running over there with whatever babysitting or chore money we earned over the year. Carnival rides at Algonac Pickeral TournamentFerris wheel at Algonac Pickerel TournamentAs we got older, we dared each other to go on the scarier rides. The most feared rides twisted and turned upside down. The addition of wristbands allows kids now to ride any ride all day long.Carnival ride at Algonac Pickeral TournamentZipper carnival ride at Algonac Pickerel Tournament

Carnival Food

Who can go to a carnival and not pick up an elephant ear or a bag of cotton candy to take home? Not I! The festival has a fantastic food court where you can buy all sorts of tempting food. My particular favorite is the corn dog. What’s your favorite?Carnival food at Algonac Pickeral Tournament

Carnival Games

Games of skill or as most people call them games of luck are all located on one side of the carnival. One row is full of colorful stuffed animals and prizes on display. You just have to figure out which one you feel confident in winning. The water game is my favorite, and most assuredly I can win almost every time. Steady, Aim, Fire that water canon!Water guns carnival games at Algonac Pickeral TournamentDart toss carnival game at Algonac Pickeral TournamentGoldfish ping pong bowls at Algonac Pickeral Tournament

The carnival games are so difficult to pass by without trying your hand. Our goal is to see who can bring home the most prizes at the end of the day. I remember my dad’s favorite was the dime toss. He would come home with his arms full of glasses, plates, and whatever dish he could get his dime to stay on.Kayla playing carnival games at Algonac Pickerel TournamentCarnival prizes at Algonac Pickeral Tournament

Waiting for the Fireworks

Pick your spot to watch the fireworks early by staking your claim with blankets or lawn chairs. Also, the earlier you get to Algonac, the better parking choices you will have available. Be prepared to pay for parking unless you know someone living in Algonac that has a spot saved for you.Waiting for the Algonac Pickerel FireworksA lot of the local kids swim in Lake St. Clair and if you are daring you can join them. Kayla loves jumping into the water especially if it is a really hot day. Not having a suit doesn’t stop her one bit. Obviously, if you plan ahead, remember to bring towels and a bathing suit!Kayla diving into Lake St. ClairKayla diving into Lake St. ClairKayla practicing her Ethel Merman smile. Isn’t she lovely?!Kayla swimming in Lake St. ClairAnother relaxing thing to do is watch the freighters go by. Lake St. Clair connects Lake Huron to Lake Erie so, seeing a big freighter is always a treat. Canada Steamship Lines Freighter on Lake St. ClairFreighter on Lake St. ClairThe excitement ramps up when we see the firehouse boat which is usually the precursor to the barge coming down the river. The fireworks are shot off of the barge in the middle of Lake St. Clair.Firehouse Boat spraying waterAlgonac Fireworks barge

Algonac Pickerel Tournament Fireworks

Photo Tips and Camera Settings:

  • Find a place away from light sources
  • Make sure you are upwind of the display
  • Use a tripod for shooting the fireworks w/ a quick release
  • ISO 100
  • Aperture f/8
  • Use Shutter Priority
  • Lower Shutter Speed (1-15 sec) or Bulb Mode
  • Shoot Vertical for a single firework
  • Shoot horizontally for capturing multiple bursts of fireworks

Here are some of my favorite fireworks from the Algonac Pickerel Tournament. Let me know what you think.Algonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksAlgonac Pickerel FireworksThe Algonac Pickerel Tournament Fireworks are, I believe, one of the best displays around Metro-Detroit. The event usually last over 20 minutes. I really like when some of them, depending on the wind, can burst way over your head and it feels like you are under an umbrella of fireworks. Very surreal.

Algonac Parade

The parade is a great way to spend time with your family by watching the marching bands, fire trucks, clowns, and of course the queen and her court. I pulled these photos out of my archive for you to enjoy a look back at the 1970’s. How can you tell? See if you can find the plaid pants in the crowd. One thing we could always count on is the amount of candy we took home from people throwing from the floats.Marching Band in the Algonac Pickerel Tournament ParadeClown in the Algonac Pickerel Tournament ParadeBesides what I mentioned above and also the fishing tournament, antique Chris Craft boat parade, bingo, and of course beer tent. There are plenty of things to do at the Algonac Pickerel Tournament for the entire family. If you are in town and are looking for a fabulous Firework Display, you can do no better than the one Algonac puts on.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Be safe and Travel Well!

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