Exploring in a Midwest Town

Surprisingly enough, Omaha, Nebraska isn’t a city of just corn fields and flat lands- its filled with wonderful people, amazing views, and most importantly the best zoo I’ve ever been to.

The Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, and the nearby park (didn’t get the name of it) is an amazing place to take a walk. The bridge itself was beautiful in the day, and at night.

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The Old Market in downtown Omaha consists of several cute shops and several places to eat. During our time we walked around the park, and we went to ice cream shop twice. They make their ice cream fresh from scratch every single day so it was pretty awesome. The Hollywood Candy shop seems like a normal candy shop from the outside, but upon entering I found myself getting lost in all of the amazing decor and the different rooms within the facility.20160307_163123 20160307_174448 20160307_174715 20160307_180110_005_01-1 20160308_161436 20160308_161917 20160308_162207 20160308_163157

On the field trip I was able to go on, I got to go to the Joslyn Museum. It was a really beautiful museum, but since I was chaperoning the kids, I wasn’t able to take many pictures.


The Henry Doorly Zoo was absolutely amazing- 10/10 would recommend to anybody. They had an aquarium (which was my favorite), a desert dome, and an amazing rain forest area. Although it cost 14.95 for adults to get in, it is an absolute Omaha must-do. Keep in mind its an ALL DAY thing. We went from 11am-4pm and we still didn’t get to see everything.

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  • Dang Travelers 15March2016 at 12:26 AM Reply

    Great pictures! We’ve heard good things about Omaha but haven’t gotten there just yet. I think I’ve seen the zoo on top 10 lists before. Well worth it if you could spend the entire day there!

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