Chocoholics Meet Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden sign at the entrance

If you love Chocolate, you have to stop into the Chocolate Garden. This shop was designed with you in mind! It is filled with handmade Chocolate Truffles, and they are amazingly creamy all the way through. Now if you know me, you would be saying, “But, Heather you don’t like chocolate!” Yes, sorry to all you chocoholics out there but, I am in the minority. I don’t particularly care for chocolate and usually, don’t go out of my way to eat it. Although on a couple of road trips driving home from St. Louis, Kayla and I have stopped here. Kayla is my Chocoholic so, for her, we stop and pick up some truffles.

The Chocolate Garden sign at the entrance

The Chocolate Garden shop

So Many Truffles to Choose From

The Chocolate Garden is in Coloma, Michigan a very short drive off the I-94 exit. They have plenty of parking with the lot surrounded by a white picket fence and vineyards in the back. It is quite scenic stopping at this little shop. When you walk in you might be overwhelmed with all the chocolate Truffle choices. The neat thing is that they now offer samples. You can taste them before you buy so, you can narrow down your choice from the 20+ different Truffles you could purchase. My personal favorite is Cinnamon Love that even has a cinnamon heart on top. Kayla gravitates toward the milk-chocolate right when we walk in there. As I mentioned before that I’m not a huge chocolate fan so, I tend to take my Truffles to work and share them with my coworkers. I’ll cut them up so, I have a little piece and give the rest away. My coworkers love these!

Online ordering is available

As I was looking into more details on the Chocolate Garden, I found out that they have online ordering. Kayla is going to love this! I don’t mind taking a little detour on our way home to pick up a couple of Truffles but, now she can get them anytime. Plus, if you want to surprise your sweetheart, order some super delicious Chocolate Truffles! Or if you are like me, get them to share with your friends.

Have you stopped here and picked up your own selection of Chocolate Truffles?

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  • Susan 17January2023 at 3:29 PM Reply

    Oh, that’s my kind of place. Thanks for sharing it.

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