Thoughts from My First Couple UBER Rides

Looking down a New York street with the Empire State Building in the background

My first UBER ride was surprisingly easy to set up while I was visiting New York City. I did everything over my phone using the UBER app. The concierge at the hotel mentioned that they were the cheapest way to get to the airport. So, I gave them a try. Looking down a New York street with the Empire State Building in the backgroundI waited outside of my hotel, and the driver was there super quick. It was a pleasant ride back to the airport and it included a little New York history lesson thrown in from my driver. There was no hassle being dropped off at the airport and I didn’t have to worry about paying. Funny thing when I landed back in Detroit I was walking behind a group of young guys discussing who was going to set up UBER to pick them up & which car would fit all of them. Sign of the times, I feel sorry for the future of taxi drivers.

Looking down a New York street with the Empire State Building in the background

UBER Rides in Myrtle Beach

I flew into Myrtle Beach on a Friday afternoon, and UBER picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at my hotel, Carolinian Beach Resort. This ride was my second, and I’m impressed with how convenient and easy it was to use the app. Myrtle Beach beachfront view with pier and ferris wheelPlus, I am enjoying talking with the locals. They have been giving me great tips and have so much knowledge of the area. My driver, Pierre, told me how Myrtle Beach just got their first fair. They have been asking for it for a long time, and it so happened to be on the weekend I was visiting.

UBER vs. Taxi

Pierre also talked about the battle between the taxis and UBER. He mentioned how they have to park in short-term parking, pay $7 to be able to pick up airport passengers. Pierre seems to be ok with this as he states “It is just part of doing business and it is only $7”. Personally, I think taxis need to re-look at their business model if they feel so threatened by UBER drivers.

My first night in Myrtle Beach, I just didn’t feel like walking back after sight-seeing all day. I scheduled a ride with Richard to take me from the Boardwalk on the Beach back to my hotel. Surprisingly both of the UBER drivers were retired. Pierre retired from Home Depot and lived in Myrtle Beach all his life. Richard retired from Ford and lived in Michigan many years ago. We ended up chatting about cars and how there is so much technology in them now. It reminded me of talking to my grandpa.

With the ease of using the UBER app and the interesting people I have met, I can’t wait to schedule my next UBER rides when I’m visiting new cities. Have you met some interesting characters on your UBER rides? I would love to hear about it.

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