The 6 Best Christmas Lights: St. Louis, Missouri

More Colorful Trees at Christmas Wonderland

If you are looking for some holiday cheer, look no further than the Christmas Lights in St. Louis, Missouri. Each of these Christmas light displays is unique and offers different holiday fun for your family. Please choose one or all of them. Each of these dazzling arrays of Drive-Thru Christmas Lights Displays around St. Louis, Missouri, and Southern Illinois will be an excellent addition to your holiday festive traditions for you and your family.  So let us grab those car keys, pile the family into the vehicle, and head out into the bright, colorful world of the Christmas Lights: St. Louis, Missouri.

More Colorful Trees at Christmas Wonderland
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Celebration of Lights – Fort Zumult Park

Celebration of Lights at Fort Zumult Park

The Celebration of Lights is an entertaining family adventure during the holidays. When I went through this light display, we packed up the car and headed into the park. We had so much fun with the windows rolled down, climbing over each other to get pictures and videos of the animated displays. Since 1991, this light display has brought joy to families in the tens of thousands during the holiday season.

Driving through the always-present light tunnel and taking in the decorated trees and holiday structures, including classic themes and even a Lampoon vacation theme, is exciting. The Celebration of Lights can always bring a smile to your face as your children yell out, “Look at that!”, “Did you see that?” “Look over there!” In addition to driving through the light display, you can purchase tickets to have your family ride through on a horse-drawn carriage. Making it a truly memorable evening of holiday festiveness! 

Christmas Vacation Display at Celebration of Lights

Important things to note: There is a lot of traffic around this park during the light display times. Bring your patience. The Celebration of Lights turns on from Sunday to Thursday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. until December 30th. You must purchase tickets in advance. There is a $12/vehicle fee when entering the light display. The Celebration of Lights is at 1000 Jessup Drive West in O’Fallon. 

Winter Wonderland – Tilles Park

Winter Wonderland at Tilles Park

Winter Wonderland is by far one of the most enjoyable Holiday Light Displays I have seen in St. Louis. The light display is 1.5 miles filled with over a million lights decorating over100 displays of festive characters, trees, classic holiday scenes, and even some modern ones. Have you ever seen a Santa on a jet ski? You will see it here! You can also coordinate your car’s radio with the music playing on speakers while you are driving through the display. There is also an opportunity to buy tickets for a horse-drawn carriage ride through the park. From what I observed, all the riders in the carriage wore face masks. Horse-drawn carriages stay on the left, so make sure your vehicle stays on the right side of the drive.

Colorful Trees at Winter Wonderland

Important things to note: Traffic is heavy right before the entrance to Tilles Park. You will need to queue up on the shoulder to enter the light display. The light show turns on every night from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. until January 1st. There is a $15 cash fee per vehicle you will need to pay when you leave the light display and try to bring the exact amount. No credit cards accepted. Winter Wonderland is in Tilles Park at 9551 Litzsinger Road in St. Louis. A limited number of walk-up carriage rides are available each night at the McCarthy Construction parking lot, south of Tilles Park. Please note that walk-up ride prices are higher than pre-registration prices.

Santa Display at Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is my favorite Christmas Light display in St. Louis. If you visit on a lovely evening, roll down the windows and enjoy the lights along with wonderful Christmas music. I even saw a kid poking his head out of the sunroof, enjoying the light display. Not recommending that, but the cars do drive slow through the lights. 

Penguins at Winter Wonderland

When you visit any of these drive-thru Christmas Light Displays, remember to turn off your headlights. It is inconsiderate to the vehicle in front of you and ruins their light experience when they have your lights shining into their car the whole time. I’m sure you don’t want the person behind you to do the same. If you are not sure how to turn them off, make sure to check before you get to the light displays. And above all else, enjoy the canopy of lights glistening throughout the seventy-five acres of Tilles park.

Villagers at Winter Wonderland

Make sure to check the schedule to find out if it is a walk night or vehicles are allowed to drive through Tilles Park.

Christmas Wonderland – Alton

Christmas Wonderland in Alton

Christmas Wonderland’s light display has over 4 million lights decorating trees in the Rock Spring Park in Alton. You are welcomed by the giant cascading waterfall of lights when you enter the park. A different group decorates each area of the park. You might think that it would be disconnected, but actually, there are so many lights that they flow altogether. When you get to the park’s high point and look down, it seems like a river flowing with colorful lights with lit trees popping up by the river. If you want to listen to Christmas tunes while driving through the light display, turn your radio station to 87.9FM or tune into 102.5 FM for Christmas music from St. Louis. 

Tunnel of Lights at Christmas Wonderland

Important things to note: Traffic is heavy going through the lights. Please bring your patience when looking at the lights, as the cars will stop and go throughout the entire display. The entrance is at 2100 College Ave in Alton. The light show is turned on Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday & Sunday until December 27. A suggested $7 donation per car or $1/person for vehicles with over ten people. 

Colorful Trees at Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Wonderland is a drive-thru light display that my mom and I have been going through almost every time that I came into town for the holidays. The year I went, I had a pleasant surprise where the truck paid my car’s donation in front of me. Thank you for the fantastic pay it forward gift! 

Christmas Lights Wonderland – Greenville

Christmas Lights Wonderland in Greenville, Illinois

This is one light display that you can easily see from I-70, but most people don’t take the time to visit it. What a lovely surprise it was! The light display is in the American Tractor Museum and has a single one-way route through the displays. I was so glad not to rush through this as there are over 50 lightboxes to see. Most of them are on the car’s passenger (right) side. As I was driving solo, I had to stop the vehicle for each lightbox to see what was in them.

These lightboxes are so creative. You can find everything here, from the traditional nativity and holiday scenes, Santa and Rudolph, and even the Peanuts gang make an appearance. Due to COVID, Hot Chocolate and cookies will not be available as the Lil’ Red Barn will be closed this year. But don’t let that stop you from visiting this fascinating light display in Greenville. 

Important things to note: The entry is at the American Tractor Museum at 1395 Museum Ave in Greenville. The light boxes and displays turn on nightly from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. until December 31. The cost to enter is by donation as much as you would like to give.

Way of Lights – Belleville

Way of Lights in Belleville, Illinois

Another unique holiday event to add to your list is to explore the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. You can expect an incredible light display with over a million lights each year. But, there are more than lights here. You can make stops at a couple of places for more family fun. The first stop is filled with live animals. You can get some beautiful photos of your children feeding the animals in the petting zoo or getting camel, donkey, or pony rides.

The second stop is indoors in the chapel. Inside, you can find the choir singing beautiful Christmas carols. After listening to the lovely music, you can browse through the creatively decorated Christmas trees and wreaths on display before you head back out to your vehicle to finish driving through the light display.

Carolers at Lady of the Snow Lights

For over 50 years, Our Lady of the Snows has been welcoming over 350,000 visitors during each holiday season and sharing the story of the Birth of Christ. Attending the Way of Lights is truly a magical evening of laughter, smiles, and a great reminder of what the Christmas season is all about. 

Important things to note: Traffic is heavy entering the Light Display. The entrance is at 442 South DeMazenod in Belleville. The light show runs daily from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. until December 31. There is no cost to enter the light display. However, there are additional costs to feed the animals and the camel and pony rides. See more photos in the Way of Lights blog post.

Wonderlight’s Christmas – World Wide Technology Raceway, Madison

Wonderlight’s Christmas at World Wide Technology Raceway

Wonderlight’s Christmas is the largest synchronized holiday light show in the St. Louis area. The light display has over a million lights in a two-mile route in the raceway center. You must turn on your radio to 89.5 FM to hear the lights synced with the music. There is a 50-minute loop of music timed with the lights. And this is about the amount of time to get through the entire display. It is bumper to bumper at the beginning of the route with the dancing candy canes and lollipops. Then as you wind through the presentation, the cars start to space out, letting you enjoy the floating snowflakes, dancing trees, and the five long tunnels of lights.

Snowflake Tunnel of Lights at Wonderlight’s Christmas

Important things to note: Traffic is extremely heavy. There are two lanes of traffic winding outside the display, and they all merge into one line for the light display. Please bring your patience as it took me an hour and a half to get to the light show entrance, and I arrived there at 6 p.m. The line behind me looked even longer than when I arrived. The good news is that there are port-a-johns sporadically placed while you wait in line to get into the raceway.

The entrance to the Raceway is from Collinsville, Rd. The light show is Sunday – Thursday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday – Saturday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. until January 9th. There is a $7 fee per person, and a carload of up to 7 people is $30. You can purchase your tickets at the gate or online. The World Wide Technology Raceway is at 700 Raceway Blvd in Madison. 

I was not impressed with how long I had to wait to get into the display, and then it seemed a little slow to begin with. The last portion of the show was more exciting, but by then, you were driving too fast to capture anything on your phone without it blurring. Would I go again? Probably not, but I enjoyed rocking out to the Carol of Bells and even the Christmas Vacation song. 

Christmas Lights: St. Louis, Missouri

Christmas Lights: St. Louis, Missouri

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and even when I get busy with life, it is nice to step back and take a measure of what is truly important. And taking a break and making time to drive-thru these magical Christmas Light Displays helps you re-focus your crazy-filled life to a simpler time, where thoughts were only filled with what you wanted to get for Christmas and having fun spending time with your family. This holiday season, go and spend time with your family driving through these spectacular Christmas Lights in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s time for some laughter, Smiles, and Family Fun. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Have you been to one of these dazzling drive-thru Christmas Light Displays in St. Louis, Missouri? Which one is your favorite?

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