The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

North Pole Elf by Christmas Tree

It is that time again for most folks to start thinking of what to get for their family members and friends. If one of them happens to love travel as much as I do, this is the perfect gift guide for you. This massive post is broken up into all types of travel enthusiasts that you might buy gifts for. When shopping for people who love to travel, keep in mind that they tend to like experiences over stuff. But, if you want to gift them something, remember that if it is small, practical, and enriches their travels, it will be appreciated. If you click on any of the photos, it will take you directly to the Amazon page. So go ahead and get your holiday shopping done for your favorite traveler by perusing this ultimate list of gift ideas for travel enthusiasts!

North Pole Elf by Christmas Tree
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Gifts for the Bookworm

This is what I classify myself as. I love books and prefer print over digital. Although traveling full time, it is hard to carry books with you. Here are some gift ideas for your favorite bookworm, whether they love print or digital books.

Travel Journal

First up is a must-have travel journal. This refillable handmade traveler’s notebook is expandable and is very similar to the one I travel with.

Other travel journals:


For travelers that like to travel light, a Kindle will be the perfect gift for them. You can carry hundreds of books with you while you travel. This one is waterproof and has 2x the storage. I also recommend getting Amazon Prime to get your free e-book each month.

Travel Books

For those who like to read travel books, here are some great ones to inspire you to get out and see the world. I find that reading up ahead of time gets you even more excited for future trips. And you might even get some ideas that you never thought about before. It never hurts to do a little research before a trip.

Gifts for Traveling Abroad

Noise-Canceling Headphones

One of the best gifts I got from my coworkers when I quit my job to travel the world was a gift card for noise-canceling headphones. I take these on all my flights. It doesn’t matter if it is overseas or a short 1-2 hour flight; these are wonderful to have. They eliminate all the noise you don’t need (screaming children, engine noise, etc.) on your flight to make it a pleasant experience. I have found that they even keep my ears from popping. If you are planning on taking a trip abroad, I would definitely invest in a pair of these.

 Travel Towel/Blanket

Having a good microfiber towel is essential for travelers. A bonus if it is big enough to use as a blanket. I have used my towel as a blanket on planes when it gets too cold and even used it in a hotel before. The microfiber towels dry quickly, so they are convenient to have when you are staying in hostels or going to a beach.

Travel Pillow

I could go with this or not. It depends on where I am if I take my travel pillow. I don’t use it on planes, but I find it extremely useful on buses. Whether you use one on a flight, bus, or train, make sure it is comfortable and soft!

Other travel pillow options:

Gifts for Stocking StuffersStockings Hung for Christmas - Gift Ideas for Travel

Travel-size Make-up Brushes & Grooming Tools

For her and him, look for travel-sized beauty and grooming products that won’t take a lot of space in their luggage.

Other beauty & grooming travel options:

Compact First Aid Kit

You can never be too prepared for anything. And it is always handy to have extra bandaids around for blisters from walking all day exploring. This little first aid kit is perfect for camping, road trips, travel, sports, and keeping it at home.

Tile Pro

This little product is ingenious. You put it in your luggage, and then if your luggage doesn’t follow you to your destination, you can track it yourself. No more relying on the airport to find your missing bag. I could have used this when my bag didn’t make it to Bangkok with me. I eventually got it, but it would have been nice to know where it was with the Tile Pro.

Laundry Detergent

This has been so helpful to have on hand when you aren’t by any laundry services, and you only have one clean pair of underwear left. This is a must-have for travelers. Here are some options for washing your clothes in the sink.

Ear Planes

These are an excellent gift for the flyers that don’t like the air pressure discomfort. These are available in child and adult sizes.

Gifts for the Nomadic TravelersHeather on Tricycle

Amazon Gift Cards

For travelers that are always on the road, the most practical gifts are the ones where they can use them when they need to. Gift cards are great gifts that any travel enthusiast would love, especially before a vacation or holiday, to get any last-minute item they need for their trip.

Airbnb Gift Cards

One of the best gifts I received last year before setting off on my nomadic adventure was Airbnb gift cards. These came in so handy while traveling. Sometimes you just want to have your own place for a bit, and an Airbnb is a perfect solution.

Gifts for the Adventurers

Water Filter Bottle

When you are traveling, it is always helpful to have your own refillable water bottle. It is even better when it has a filter, as you might not trust the water source while you are traveling around the world. Here are some options for refillable water bottles with filters for you.

Universal Waterproof Phone HolderSongkran Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Having been in situations like the Songkran Festival in Thailand, you definitely need a waterproof case for your phone as you are getting doused by buckets and hoses of water. Plus, if you like to kayak and canoe, it is always beneficial to have your smartphone protected from an accidental spill into the water. Here are some options for you to keep your phone dry.

Dry Bags

When you need something bigger to keep your things from getting wet, you need a dry bag. I bought one in Laos as a last resort to keep my phone dry. But, I use it all the time now to carry my shampoo and conditioner, so they will never accidentally get on anything else in my luggage. And the dry bag has worked when my shampoo bottle opened during traveling. Here are some dry bag options for you.

Survival Kit

For the truly adventurous souls, you need to have this kit for all emergencies that could happen while camping, hiking, or road trips.

Gifts for Travel PhotographersHeather photographing at the Black House in Chiang Rai, Thailand

DSLR Camera

My favorite camera, although a bit heavy to travel with, is my Canon 7D. I have had it for years, and it has been beaten up while traveling, but I still love the photos I can capture with my DSLR camera. If you are thinking of investing in a good camera, there are many to choose from. I would even say rent one for a weekend first to find out if you like the brand before you buy it.

Here are other DSLR camera options for you:

Mirrorless Camera

Now, this is the next evolution of cameras that are lighter and easier to travel with. I like the full-frame image cameras, so I’ve been waiting for them to come out. Sony and, more recently, Canon and Nikon are producing their own mirrorless cameras. So, if you have a lens with one brand, they should be able to interchange with the mirrorless camera. Although then you are adding the weight back in. But, if you like the latest and greatest in gadgets, go ahead and check out these mirrorless cameras for you to use while traveling.

Lightweight Travel Tripod

Any good photographer knows they need to use a tripod to get those unique photos of waterfalls, sunsets, etc. As a travel photographer, it helps to have a lightweight tripod with you. Here are some lightweight travel tripod options for you.

Osmo Pocket

This is the latest gadget I want to get. The Osmo Pocket is a lightweight gimbal stabilizer and 4K camera that you can take with you anywhere and capture videos. I can’t wait to get one of these and start making travel videos to share with you all.

Here are other options for video stabilizers:

Waterproof Action Camera

For the travelers that love to take photos underwater, here is a gift idea for a travel waterproof action camera.

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

For the traveler that doesn’t want to carry a bulky camera and gear around, a cell phone camera lens kit is the perfect gift for them.

Gifts for the Electronic Junkies

Power Bank

One of the essential gear that a traveler needs is a charging power bank. I actually travel with two of them all the time. Here some power bank charging options for you.

Bluetooth Speaker

Just in case you might like to listen to some music or share it with the room, a Bluetooth speaker can come in handy. Here are several options for you to choose from.

Travel Cord Organizer

One of the biggest pet peeves is having cords all tangled up together. Having a cord organizer on your travels can be a godsend for your sanity at times. Here are some great organizers for you to try.

Gifts for the Travelers that Love Clothes

Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for travelers on long flights to keep the blood circulating. They are also great for runners to boost performance. And come in some crazy designs and colors for you to choose from.

Merrell Sandals

One of the best things I could have ever taken on my travels is my Merrell Sandals. I sometimes live in these for weeks when I am in Italy or Thailand. They are perfect for exploring and walking around cities when it is warm outside.

Gifts to Keep Your Things Safe

Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

It is a must for a traveler to keep their passport handy on them, but what if you don’t have any pockets. The solution is an Infinity Scarf with a hidden pocket that can hold your passport and money.

Money Belt

Another option to hold your money close to you and to prevent pickpockets from getting it is to wear a money belt. There are many different options for you to choose based on your comfort level. Here are some of the options:

PacSafe Travelsafe

If you have to leave your valuables in your room, you can use the PacSafe Travelsafe. It fits a 15-inch Laptop and includes a TSA Accepted Combination Lock.

Anti-Theft Bag

Staying with the theme of keeping your items safe, I would recommend getting an anti-theft bag for your travels. I actually own several different kinds. Although I recently had an instance in Riga, Latvia, where a bunch of ladies proceeded in taking my camera out of my backpack. I got it back very quickly as I had a feeling something was up with them walking so close to me. My mistake that day was that I wasn’t using one of my Pacsafe anti-theft bags. Lesson Learned! Here are some options for anti-theft bags for you.

Gifts for the Wanna-be Travelers

Here are several gift ideas for travel to help you get inspired and start booking those trips or souvenir ideas to remember past rips.

Scratch-off Map

World Map Coaster Set

Snacks from Around the World

Spices from Around the World

Give the Gift of Experiences

Get Your Guide Tours


Essential Gifts for Every Traveler

Travel Documents Holder

Having a place to keep all your documents together is very smart. I choose to get a decorative passport holder that has extra pockets for cards and receipts. I also keep all my public transportation cards from all the countries there as well. This way, if I happen to be going through London, I will have my Oyster card.

 Here are some other options for keeping your travel documents together:

Day Pack

I travel with a backpack for my laptop and camera gear, but when I want to go exploring for the day, I use a smaller day pack. Sometimes you can even find day packs that attach to the outer part of your bigger backpacks.

Universal Adapter

Having a universal adapter is an absolute must to have for every traveler. I even carry two sometimes.

Packing Cubes

You could give packing cubes to everyone for gifts as everyone needs a little help in packing their suitcases when they go on vacation. If you are like me, everything in your bag seems to expand when it is time to go home, and nothing seems to fit anymore. That is where packing cubes come in and especially compression packing cubes. These allow you to pack your clothes tightly and take out all the extra space so that you can pack even more souvenirs on your way home. I use Eagle Creek Compression packing cubes, and I love using them on all my trips.

Portable Luggage Scale

You don’t necessarily need to travel with a portable luggage scale, but you do need one before you leave for your trip. If only to make sure you know how much your bags are weighing before you get to the airport and have to pay an arm and a leg. Trust me; even budget airlines are sticklers on carryon bag weights.

Toiletry Bag

There are some adorable travel toiletry bags out there. I have tried so many over the years; now, it just depends on my mood when I’m packing to which one I take with me. Here are some cute toiletry bags for you.


However, you celebrate the holidays. I hope that this ultimate gift guide full of gift ideas for travel helps you get started on your next adventure wherever it might lead you. Happy Holidays! Pin and save this for later.Gift ideas for travel Pinterest Pin



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