Sheep Driving Distractions in the Lake District

Lake and Hills in the Lake District


Driving through the Lake District

You need to be constantly aware of your surroundings due to the free roaming of sheep as you drive around the Lake District. The views around the Lakes and up the mountains are breathtaking. Although driving through these hills can be harrowing, there are pullouts for you to take a breather. On one such pullout, I stopped to get these views and relax a bit from driving this twisted road.  But, I was treated to a bigger surprise as I took these photos. Beware of Sheep Driving Distractions! should be a warning the rental car agencies should give you.

twisted road through the Lake District

Views Looking Down the Mountain

I was fascinated by all the sheep roaming the countryside throughout England. I was so excited that as I stopped to take a picture of where I had just been, there were three sheep on the side of the road. Apparently, a man and his wife also had the same idea and stopped behind me. One of the three were grazing right by the stone wall by me. Inching closer to him, I must have startled him.

Sheep Grazing in the Lake Districtback of the sheep on green grass

Jumping Sheep

He jumped up and over the stone wall and crossed the road. But, wait it didn’t stop there. Once he was on the other side the other two wanted to follow. Next thing I know I’m watching sheep jump up and over stone walls and running across the road in front of cars driving up the mountain. The sounds of their little hooves clopping on the stone wall and running on the road were epic.

two sheep jumping over stone wall in front of carbrown sheep jumping into road in front of a white car

I can’t imagine what the person was thinking of at this moment watching two sheep jump right in front of their vehicle. 

Three sheep by stone wall on green grassThe first one looked back at us once they were all safe and I could almost hear his thoughts “What is your problem?” I looked at the man that had stopped behind me and said: “Did we just see that?” He replied, “It is amazing that there are not more dead sheep on the side of the road in England if they do this all the time!” This is why you need to be alert while driving around the Lake District.



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