Learning Where I Came From

I have always been the one in my family interested in documenting our family tree and figuring out from where we originated. Over the years I have put together an impressive collection of some of the branches of my family tree. One particular branch on my dad’s side, Swayze surname, is from my Great-Grandmother. I was able to trace back to see where the family split apart during the Revolutionary war. Half of the family who remained faithful to the crown moved to Canada and the rest, who were loyal to the States, stayed in America. As I dig deeper and deeper into my ancestry, I am continually amazed on what I can find with doing a little research. Hence, why I decided recently to put my family tree on Ancestry.com and sign up to get my DNA tested. Here is what I found out…

Ancestry for Heather Raulerson

Knowing that my grandparents were Polish and German the results were not surprising for that. But, what was surprising was the 31% Scandinavia result. I always had an inkling that “Raulerson” meant son of Rauler, which was a form of surname the Vikings used. It is nice to know my gut instinct was on point. Now loaded with these results I have more insight on which direction to look next. And to help decide where to plan my next travel adventure.

Have any of you dug into tracing back your family tree to see where your family originated?

I would love to hear from you...