Willkommen in Heidelberg

 Willkommen in Heidelberg (Welcome to Heidelberg)

Back in November of 2003 I took a trip to Germany to visit my friend who was living in Weisbaden, Germany.  Unfortunately, she had to work during the day leaving me my devices.  I would take day trips and buy train tickets to explore castles in neighboring cities.  The funny thing was that I knew very little German and could even speak less but, that didn’t stop me.  I had quite the adventure switching trains in Mainz.  I almost didn’t make the switch on time.  I ended up running to my train & barely sitting down before it left the station.  I was so excited though to see the Heidelberg Castle that after I got off the train and got on a bus that I thought was going to drop me directly at the castle I got promptly lost.  The bus I chose to ride actually dropped people off below the castle and you were supposed to walk up the stairway to the castle.  Once I realized I missed my stop I stayed on the bus thinking it would do a return loop and stop at that site when it came back.  Boy, was I wrong!  I took an hour-long fabulous tour of the city through lower-income areas.  It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to get the castle but, I finally made it.

Prison Tower "Seldom Empty"

Prison Tower “Seldom Empty”

After my tour of the castle, I hopped on a bus I thought would take me back to the train station.  Oops!  Got on the wrong bus again.  This one actually crossed the river and came to the end of its run for the day.   I couldn’t be further from my intended destination.  What even got me more nervous was that I was the last person on the bus.  The good thing was that the driver spoke a little English.  He told me that this was the end of the route.  I told him where I was trying to go and he helped me transfer to another bus that was going back over the river and was able to drop me off at the train station.  When I got to the train station I was starving since I hadn’t eaten all day.  Thank God for McDonald’s & the $5 I had in my pocket.  Nothing like experiencing a little bit of America in a foreign country.  “Veilen Dank!”

Even though it was scary and stressful at times, I’m glad for the experience to see the whole city.  This gave me more confidence to be able to handle any situation that comes my way when I’m out on my travels solo!

2 thoughts on “Willkommen in Heidelberg

  1. Meg

    Love it! My experience was so similar. I spent a couple of days in Heidelberg with my husband, but then he had to go to work in Bensheim, leaving me to my own devices for a couple of days. I went to Frankfurt & to Wiesbaden! 🙂 In the same boat with you as far as having no German, and having to just do my best and ask for help to get from one place to another, but I was so glad that it worked out for the most part. I love being in a European city and just hoping on the train and going to see the area as the whim hits me. So much fun, and I hope I get to do it again soon! <3 Great to meet you!

    1. HeatherHeather Post author

      My friends were living in Wiesbaden so, that is where I took the train out to other places. Besides Heidelberg, I went to Rudesheim as well. We even drove to Paris for a weekend. I haven’t seen Frankfurt yet. So many places to see, so little time.

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