Surprising Art Found in New York City

Street Art-22Some of the most incredible artworks I saw in New York City weren’t in museums; they were in the streets on building walls.  I explored New York quite a bit when I was there recently, walking through neighbourhoods to get to the traditional touristy areas. I was taken aback at the amount of street art I saw. Some were planned to emphasize a place but, there were others that looked like they were added spontaneously. I couldn’t get enough of them and eventually I started to search them out, taking photo after photo of these amazing works.Street Art-15


Some were in prominent places that got a lot of foot traffic, and I had to compete with others to get a good photo. Others were set in little nooks, and you had to look closely to see them, or you would walk right past them. Street Art-1I probably looked silly stopping in the middle of a sidewalk then rushing across the street to get the shot.

There are two sides of how people consider this medium; there are the ones who champion this as street art (a.k.a public art) and the others who claim it as vandalism. I would say it is a bit of both but, if it is done right by asking permission it can be amazing!

Street Art-2So, keep on tagging because it is gorgeous and thought-provoking. And with the budget crises in schools these days with more and more eliminating art programs for young kids, somebody needs to show what art is to the masses! I am a supporter of the arts! Are you?

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